GObject: encapsulation, instantiation, introspection

GObject: encapsulation, instantiation, introspectionas well as other terrible words! (c)
Before we get acquainted with some advanced features of the GLib type object system, we need to talk about a number of points that we did not touch in the previous two articles. This time we will get to know the basic type of GObject, let's talk about that any heir of the base GObject is a two-unit (and often triune) separate objects-structures, in which mysterious macros are opened at the beginning of header files and files with source code, with the help of What tool does the harsh local RTTI work for, why GObject and its descendants have two destructors ...
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GObject: inheritance and interfaces

GObject: inheritance and interfacesIn the comments to last article often expressed the view that the GObject system is not needed due to the presence of C ++ and other high-level languages. In addition to purely technical issues, which have already been discussed in the comments, I would like to touch on another aspect. Probably, most commentators see the meaning of the existence of the GLib object system in the stubborn unwillingness of the sneak-retrogrades to enjoy the benefits of civilization and to reconcile themselves with the inexorable gait of progress. This was probably the case at the dawn of the development of Glib ...
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