Solving the problem of finding the center line of a vessel

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 3r? 3522. In the process of medical diagnosis, it may be necessary to examine the vessels of the patient. Such a study is called angiography. With the advent of tomographs, in addition to classical angiography, MRI and CT angiography methods have appeared, which, in contrast to traditional angiography, which gives only a flat image in one projection, allow us to obtain a complete three-dimensional representation of the vessels. To carry out such studies, a contrast is injected into the patient’s blood — a special substance that makes the vessels in the pictures more vivid. Depending on the intended diagnosis, the doctor either assesses the overall picture, or tries to find specific areas of the vessels in which problems have arisen. If the area of ​​the vessel is narrowed and transmits less blood than it should, then this place is called stenosis.
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 3r? 3522. One of the tasks of the doctor is to find stenoses and assess how dangerous they are. The task of the developer, as usual, to facilitate the work of the end user. To do this, it is necessary to build a full 3D model of the vessel walls and conduct their primary analysis. This is a big and interesting task, however, it is based on a more simple and well-known problem - the construction of the center line of the vessel.
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