Gateway industrial exchange protocols on Linux. Collect yourself

 3r3149. 3r3-31. I am engaged in the development, implementation and operation of automatic process control systems (APCS). At first he worked with SCADA-systems. Then he quickly switched to working with industrial device exchange protocols. Both self-writing drivers and setting up data collection systems. At the moment, my work is going through the atmosphere of Modbus, IEC-101/10? ORS and other protocols.
 3r3149. Gateway industrial exchange protocols on Linux. Collect yourself
 3r3149. Fig. 1. The variety of exchange protocols used in the process control system
 3r3149. IEC 60870-5-104;
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Work with a database from the application

 3r33400. 3r3-31. 3r33383. In the beginning I will identify some of the problems and features when working with the database, show the holes in the abstractions. Next, we will examine a simpler abstraction based on immutability. 3r33333. 3r33381.  3r33400. 3r33383. It is assumed that the reader is somewhat familiar with the patterns Active Record , Data Maper , Identity Map and Unit of Work . 3r33333. 3r33381.  3r33400. 3r33383. Problems and solutions are considered in the context of sufficiently large projects ...
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SDK to you, SDK to me, SDK to everyone! How to do the SDK and why it is needed

 3r33434. 3r3-31. 3r3406. SDK to you, SDK to me, SDK to everyone! How to do the SDK and why it is needed
3r3404.  3r33434.
It is time to be determined 3r3403. 3r3404.  3r33434. 3r3406. To begin with, we define what an SDK is and why it may be needed. 3r3407. 3r3404.  3r33434.
The SDK (from the English software development kit) is a set of development tools that allow software specialists to create applications for a specific software package, basic software development tools, a hardware platform, a computer system, game consoles, operating systems, and other platforms. The SDK takes advantage of each platform and reduces integration time. 3r3404.  3r33434. 3r3404.  3r33434. The software ...
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Information security of the Internet of things: who is the thing and who is the owner?

Information security of the Internet of things: who is the thing and who is the owner?  
3r3365. Source
It's no secret that in the field of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT), perhaps the least order in terms of information security (IB). Today is we observe developing technology, constantly changing landscape of the industry, forecasts, sometimes leading away from reality, dozens of organizations trying to declare themselves legislators in a particular area, even for an hour. The urgency of the problem is underlined by epic incidents. Industroyer, BrickerBot, Mirai - and this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that “the coming day prepares for us”? If you continue ...
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My story of an interview at IB IT (Java developer) in London with examples of typical assignments

 3r? 3562. 3r3-31. 3r3-3549. It so happened that I wanted to become a programmer while still studying at a university in Moscow, but I already became outside of Russia and not immediately - the path was long and thorny. I went to a lot of interviews (at first I was looking, then they were already looking for me), delved into the subtleties of work and thought about the topic of how to become a good programmer. 3r33550. 3r33547.  3r? 3562. 3r3-3549. One of the aspects that is relevant throughout your career is job search and the passage of the interview. I myself conducted very few interviews (4-5)...
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We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 2

 3r31215. 3r3-31. 3r31078. 3r33554. Download configuration to FPGA via USB or disassemble FTDI MPSSE
3r3-1089.  3r31215. We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 1 3r3-131121. 3r3-1089.  3r31215. We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 2 3r31120. 3r3-1089.  3r31215.
Error handling
3r3-1089.  3r31215. 3r31078. Open source source code, analyze the function MPSSE_open. Despite the algorithmic simplicity (functions are called for each other), quite a lot of D2XX API elements need to be imported: 3r3992. FT_OpenEx , 3r3992. FT_ResetDevice , 3r3992. FT_Purge , 3r3992. FT_SetUSBParameters , 3r3992. FT_SetChars ...
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How machine learning in YouDo rolls in production. Lecture in Yandex

How machine learning in YouDo rolls in production. Lecture in YandexIn large services, solving a problem using machine learning means performing only part of the work. Embedding ML-models is not so easy, and building around them CI /CD-processes is even more difficult. At the Yandex conference “Data & Science: An Application Program” YouDo, head of data science at YouDo, told about how to manage the life cycle of models, set up additional training and retraining processes, develop scalable microservices, and much more.
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STM32H7 - setting clocking without HAL

STM32H7 - setting clocking without HAL 3r3402. 3r3-31. Not so long ago, STM launched a very powerful, by the standards of microcontrollers, line of STM32H7 crystals. What attracted me to her:
 3r3402. - increased core frequency up to 400 MHz 3r33333.  3r3402. - increased RAM, up to 1 MB 3r33390.  3r3402. - 16 bit ADC
 3r3402. - pin-to-pin compatibility with the F7
series.  3r3402. 3r33333.  3r3402. I thought very well, I soldered the STM32H743IIT6 crystal instead of STM32F746IGT6 and started a new project in SW4STM32. 3r33333.  3r3402. 3r33333.  3r3402. 3r318.
3r33333.  3r3402. 3r33333.  3r3402. To calculate the coefficients of the ...
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We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW

 3r33800. 3r3-31. We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW . Here you can argue long and to no avail. The situation is aggravated by the fact that there are a lot of examples of programs on LabVIEW on the network, but they are all focused on the beginner and come down to "oh, look how simple it is, connect the twist to the indicator, twist the handle, change the dial", or at best, the graph in the cycle a random number or a sine is displayed, all this is accompanied by a furious interface in the form of giant toggle switches, twists, and dial gauges. Personally, this conscious simplification annoys me. In a small series of articles I will try ...
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Algorithmic tasks in the frontend. Examples and competition Yandex

Yesterday a new Yandex Blitz was launched - this time the competition will be of interest to interface developers. Holders of places from first to fifth, we will offer to get us in a simplified scheme: one section of the interview instead of four. Thus, Blitz remains the fastest way to get into Yandex. 3r373.  3r380. 3r373.  3r380. The tasks of the competition are again close to the combat production tasks - you will need not only the skills of the front-end, but also the knowledge of the algorithms. Register here , to have time to take part in the qualifying round. 3r373.  3r380...
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