Practical video course of the School of Information Security

It makes no sense to remind once again why it is important to pay attention to security when developing services. We will talk about how to build defense systems, keep them up to date and develop with increasing number of threats. Quite a lot of practical knowledge on this topic can be obtained from the Internet. The theory, in turn, is well covered in several Russian universities. There are many useful literature. But a good security specialist is distinguished not only by knowledge of tools and theory, but by the ability to apply theory in real situations.
In April of this year, for the first ...
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What is component tests, and what is the SDET?

The article talks about an unconventional, but useful form of tests, and also sums up the results of seven years of work in the development of tests.
Why do we need component tests?
After all, there are, say, unit tests, which test in detail the giblets of components. They thoroughly check that the component works in accordance with the concept of the developer. But often this is a test of "buttons", and not how the suit as a whole sits. And not always the behavior conceived by the programmer, coincides with what the customer wanted.
And there are, for example, acceptance tests...
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Constructive elements of a reliable enterprise R application

For those who work with R, it is well known that initially the language was designed as a tool for interactive work. Naturally, the methods convenient for the console-based step-by-step application by a person who is deep in the subject are not suitable for creating an application for the end user. The ability to get detailed diagnostics immediately after the error, to overlook all variables and traces, to execute manually the code elements (possibly, partially changing the variables) - all this will be inaccessible when the R application is autonomous in the enterprise environment. (we say R...
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Integer arithmetic. Divide with rounding the result. Part 1

Integer arithmetic. Divide with rounding the result. Part 1The simpler, at first glance, the task, the less the developer thinks about how to implement it correctly, and makes an error at best, at best, discovers it late, at worst - does not notice at all. It's about one of these tasks, namely, on fractional division and on scaling in controllers that support only integer arithmetic.
Why do not the developers of application programs pay attention to the subtleties of calculations under such arithmetic, the question. I'll venture to just assume that, in all likelihood, the habit of calculating on a calculator is affecting In any case, with an enviable ...
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Simple and efficient calculation of Modbus CRC16 in PLC and MK without bit-shift and tables

The sacred calculation algorithm CRC1? described in the literature and associated with the bitwise shift, fits poorly into the format of the computing capabilities of the PLC and MK. Firstly, in so far as its implementation takes a fair amount of computing resources of the above-mentioned devices, and secondly, because during this calculation the program scan time is significantly extended. The growth of the program scan is due to the fact that, due to the word or byte organization of the accumulator of the arithmetic-logical device, the resultant bit operations with words /bytes in it are performed ...
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How to speed up mobile search twice. Lecture of Yandex

How to speed up mobile search twice. Lecture of YandexOn the phone, web pages often load longer than on a desktop. The developer Ivan Khvatov tells about the reasons for the backlog and how to deal with it. The lecture consists of several parts: the first - about the main stages of loading the page on mobile devices, the second - about the techniques that we use to accelerate the load, the third - about our method of adapting the layout for different speeds.

- Hello everyone, my name is Ivan Khvatov, I work in the search infrastructure. Last time I'm working on speeding up the download of search results. I work with layout, backend ...
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The most difficult program is

From the translator: I found on Quora the question: What program or code can be called the most complex ever written? The answer of one of the participants was so good that it was quite drawn to the article.
Fasten your seat belts.
The most complicated program in history was written by a team of people whose names we do not know.
This program is a computer worm. The worm was written, apparently, between 2005 and 2010. Since this worm is so complex, I can only give a general description of what it does. or ...
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Lecture on Toloka. How thousands of people help us do Yandex

Lecture on Toloka. How thousands of people help us do YandexEvery day tens of thousands of people perform tasks in Toloka: assess the relevance of sites, classify images, mark objects on photographs. Solving these and many other tasks, they help us to improve existing ones and create new algorithms, and also to maintain the relevance of the data.
On the one hand, Toloka appeared relatively recently - in 2014. On the other hand, it serves as the most important part of all the key Yandex services and dozens of smaller services. Artem Grigoriev ortemij explained how this crowdsourcing platform is arranged, what technologies and architectural solutions ...
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Conference HOPE X. "Breaking the elevator: from the basement to the penthouse." Part 1. "Lifting equipment"

Divorced Allam: we have slides here that will help hold this presentation on the topic of hacking elevators. We were told that it should be held on Sunday, there are reasons for this. I will tell you who we are and why we are here. Some of you have seen me before. My name is Diviant, I own a company that tests mostly physical penetration, so I'm studying the possibility of apartment burglaries using elevators. There is enough work in this direction and it's quite fun.
Conference HOPE X. "Breaking the elevator: from the basement to the penthouse." Part 1. "Lifting equipment"
Howard Payne: I welcome everyone, my name is Howard, I'm an elevator consultant and a former lift equipment inspector, I'm ...
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Conference HOPE X. "Breaking the elevator: from the basement to the penthouse." Part 2. "Security Systems"

Start here: Conference HOPE X. "Breaking the elevator: from the basement to the penthouse." Part 1. "Lift equipment"
Divorced Ollam: we can say that in many respects the elevator industry has been stuck in the past.
Conference HOPE X. "Breaking the elevator: from the basement to the penthouse." Part 2. "Security Systems"  
Howard Payne: this slide shows the elevator car in one casino. I met with the architect of this casino, who developed solutions for the entire building, including elevators. I clearly remember how he told me about the selection of the components of the elevator safety system and said that no one can hack it, because they used anti-theft tubular locks.
Divorced ...
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