Where Hollywood depicts hackers correctly, and where - erroneously

Where Hollywood depicts hackers correctly, and where - erroneously  
Technology surrounds us from all sides, so it's no wonder that it has penetrated both films and serials. However, we can not say that in the movie it is depicted correctly, especially when it comes to computer hacking.
In the past 20 years, I have worked as a Linux system administrator from time to time. And this means that I ensured the smooth operation of Internet services such as e-mail, websites and news systems, and made sure that they were not hacked. Now I'm doing research on the ethics and social impact of technology, so I really like to observe the mention of technical issues in popular culture.
The operating system, which exists, apparently, only in the movie (let's call it MovieOS) is charming - it's always something to pee, snaps after each keystroke, gives unrealistically long task execution indicators, useful warnings, not to mention the possibility of infinitely increase the pictures without loss of clarity.
But I am most pleased with the hacking scene.
.Mr Robot ". In one episode, the protagonist Eliot uses a thrown device to download programs into backup systems owned by the dismal corporation E Corp. These programs are then used to trigger explosions - which is perfectly acceptable, since these devices usually use lead-acid batteries capable of emitting hydrogen during recharging.
But in most cases, the capabilities of MovieOS do not adequately reflect the capabilities or real use of these operating systems. In movies, it is useful to draw a line between fiction and reality, but this can lead to problems in confronting the expectations of the people they place on computers, and their understanding of how hacking works - especially the widespread species that ordinary people are exposed to.

"Mr. Robot" - a rare example of the correct image of the hacking process

Making hack realistic

In addition to MovieOS, which is usually a specially designed set of sequences of static images or animations, Linux is one of the favorite operating systems for survey designers. It is necessary to print a lot, programs produce incomprehensible results, and it is often used by "real" hackers.
One of the most popular programs for demonstrating hacking into movies is nmap, a scanner that determines who exactly uses a computer network. Nmap is popular because it produces a large chunk of text scrolling on the screen - just as we used to imagine any complex computer magic, and, theoretically, it can be used for a wide range of hacks - for example, searching for open ports that can be used - therefore he has a certain well-deserved reputation among geeks.
"Mr. Robot" gives the most accurate image of hacking, recognizing that most often the weakest link in the security are people. By sending out phishing emails, posing as company employees, manipulating other social norms and expectations, hackers often achieve greater successes than using technical means, and given that the effects of phishing are sometimes significant, it is not surprising that such methods are used so often.
The film " .Kyber " To the best of a realistic attempt to show how phishing e-mail can be used to obtain someone's password, but it is unlikely that a worker of the National Security Service would have fallen for such a trick.
And yet, as a result of an accurate depiction of such social engineering in films and serials, people may have the notion of common methods that will help them recognize such attempts before it's too late.

The danger of excessive accuracy is

Accurate mapping can also be a source of problems. After the release of the film " Military games " In 1983 in the US took the decision about fraudulent computer actions and abuses , fearing that hackers can try to reproduce the attacks shown in the film. When in the film " : The Matrix: Reboot " In 2003 demonstrated the realistic use of the nmap utility, the Scotland Yard Computer Crime Department in Britain issued a press release warning potential hackers about the dangers of reproducing what is happening in the film.
The image of hackers fighting with a certain person or a large company of ambiguous moral principles, romanticizes the process of hacking, which, nevertheless, remains illegal and, in general, unethical. Recently updated set of ethical recommendations for computer professionals postulates that people should "have access to resources for computing and communications only in an authorized manner, or for the common good", and notes that in the case of using the latter reason, it is necessary "to take emergency measures to avoid causing harm other ".
Such hackers as Elliot from the "Mr. Robot" series may have some moral right to attack large corporations, but, as it is evident in the process of plot development, it can have a catastrophic effect on innocent people.
Therefore, although it's a good idea to demonstrate the hacking process realistically, sometimes it's better to laugh at how awful it is presented. I would like to see a more complete picture describing the hacking, as well as more realistic consequences. "Mr. Robot" is clearly here in the forefront, but movies and TV shows still have many opportunities for a more realistic and critical view of technology and society.
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