Google+ RIP

Google+ RIP 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. Google officially announced that closes its social network Google + 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362.
We are shutting down Google+ for consumers. 3r318. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. More specifically, Google said that they decided to disable most of the functions of Google+ for ordinary users and leave the service fully accessible only to corporate customers. This decision puts the final cross on the product, as on the social network. One of the reasons was the low popularity of the service, only 10% of sessions in which last more than five seconds. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. Users will have 10 months (until August 20? 3-33341. 9 3-3-3342. Years) to save their data and move to other social networks. Details will be made public later. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. Immediately before the decision to close the general public, the fact of the large 3r-333 became known. security incident
on Google+. 3r3335.
3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. The bug in the security mechanisms allowed third-party developers to access Google+ user profile data from 201? until Google discovered and fixed it in March 201? but decided not to inform the world about it. When the user gave permission to the application to access the data of his public profile, the bug also allowed developers to extract 3r3341. non-public [/b] some of the information from the user profile and profiles of his friends. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. Data from nearly 50?000 accounts were potentially available for parsing, although Google representatives say they have no evidence that the data was misused by 438 applications that could have access. Full names of users, email addresses, dates of birth, gender, profile photos, place of residence, occupation and status of relations were available for parsing. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. As measures to prevent future leaks, Google has taken a number of measures as part of the new initiative 3r-351. Project Strobe [/i] . The initiative is aimed at revising the rules for third-party access to Google user accounts and data from Android devices, as well as rethinking the company's philosophy regarding access to data applications. 3r3355.  3r362. 3r3355.  3r362. In particular, Google will restrict developers access to data from Android devices and from the Gmail mail service. They will take away permissions to read call logs and SMS, and through the Android Contacts API it will no longer be possible to receive data on the interaction of contacts. 3r3633. 3r362. 3r362. 3r360. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e.parentNode.insertBefore (r, e)}; "[object Opera]" == e.opera? a.addEventListener? a.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", d,! 1): e.attachEvent ("onload", d ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () (); 3r361. 3r362. 3r3633.
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