Secrets of the Monster "O-L-X": how to clean the bot traffic of Vkontakte. Part 1

 3r3141. 3r3-31. We found about a hundred doorways, which automatically place links to their Vkontakte resources, which are already followed by cleared, social bots go anywhere, and as many as you like. 3r3128.  3r3141. called 3r3109. “Seopult”, had attendance of +1500 unique per day, and cost $ ?000. By the way, in the fake VK-groups of the OLX family, the Webartex service (included in the Seopult group - now Promopult) is actively advertised, and many other ways of automatically earning money online using wrap-ups, video views, advertising clicks, selling business strategies, etc. 3r3128.  3r3141. But this is not a retelling of the book “Earn on the Internet - the Bablo Button” (co-author A. Shtaryov, director of Seopult), but the creation of artificial activity. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. On the two main road sites, o-l-x and gibridyoutube, there are so many SSPs, and all sorts of banner advertisements, that everything seems to shout that: “Guys, we click on the ads!” 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. But this is not the case - of all the SSPs and CPAs with whom we contacted, only one said that we know (about the OLX), but we don’t care about it, and one more - we clarified whether we have any suggestions - we said “Yes” , and they no longer answered us. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. Every day, there are hundreds of strange news links in VK, from dozens of dead groups that no one watches or reads. You might think that these are just some crazy people, they study SMM-activities: doorway prefers to parse articles from the Ukrainian media, and links to videos of Russian TV shows. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3114. For example, the Ukrainian newspaper Know: 3r3115. 3r3128.  3r3141. She has almost ?000 unique friends from VK per day, but she doesn’t have a representative office at VK, and never did. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3114. Or, youtube-channel "Russian TV series": [/b] 3r3128.  3r3141. Where 500K views in the first 4 hours, gains some unknown "Maid from Ivanovo." 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. One of the projects related to OLX is the well-known “Helping Hand” (thanks to traffic from OLX, it has 200 unique (bots) per day, with complete abandonment). 3r3128.  3r3141. The organizer of the Hand is the famous cheater D. Alemasov:
 3r3141. Secrets of the Monster "O-L-X": how to clean the bot traffic of Vkontakte. Part 1  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3108. Here is
The scammer talks in detail about how to wind up visits through the alleged “bug” on Between Digital (which is also actively advertised in the structures of OLX) and automatically view ads. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3114. Apparently, the O-l-X bots work in a similar way: 3r3115. 3r3128.  3r3141. the program changes the IP every minute, and goes inside the CRM code via a VK link to the doorway, 3r3128.  3r3141. from where - the desired view appears somewhere (just viewing, since these bots cannot do anything else). 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. These false-VK-bots were caught on the site of one of our partners, and immediately blocked. 3r3128.  3r3141. It is being monitored where they will lead us, because the project “OL-X” is just the tip of the iceberg, and one of many examples of web fraud. 3r3128.  3r3141. 3r3128.  3r3141. To be continued.
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