Victor Gamov about Apache Kafka on

April 2? 2018 in the Moscow office of the company CRIC the meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers was held. , at which Viktor Gamow made a speech. The theme of the performance is product Apache Kafka .
Victor Gamov about Apache Kafka on


About the speaker

Victor is a co-founder and leader of podcast Analysis of flights . At he came forward for the third time. Previous performances were 13 November 2014 (about the project May ? 2016 (about JPoint 2018 , where the report was also about Kafka .
Victor did the first report, working at 3-3334. Farata Systems
, the second - in Hazelcast , now - in the company Confluent .
Still a list of videos from the reports of Victor here , presentation files - here . From the reports he made since the last speech at , seemed particularly interesting:
"Riding on jet streams" ( , Video , Presentation )
"Testing containers with TestContainers" ( , Video , Presentation )
"Amazon Alexa Skills vs Google Home Actions the Big Java VUI Faceoff" (with Baruch Sadogursky at , Devoxx Belgium 2017 : , Video )

About the report

Handshake before the meeting. Andrei Kogun tells about the nearest events: the submission of reports is open. to the conference Joker 2018 , the IT-festival is expected in the autumn. TechTrain 2018 . The organizer of both events is Group .

The meeting was held in the form of questions and answers. First, an approximate list of interesting questions was formed:
IMap vs. Kafka
KSQL deployment
Kafka Streams vs. Spark
Kafka vs. MQ

Victor did not forget the theoretical fundamentals and features of the product (the closest his reports on this subject are with
? DevNexus 2018
? JPoint 2018

During the break and at the end of the meeting, you can (and need) to ask more questions, talk and reinforce the strength of tea, coffee and branded crockery buns.

Photos will be available soon at
and Google+ , video - at YouTube . You can also subscribe to the newsletter with announcements of the following meetings .
P.S. Congratulations to Victor with Happy birthday !!
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