Oleg Dokuka about reactive development on jug.msk.ru

December 1? 2018 at a meeting of the community of Moscow Java-developers 3r3202. jug.msk.ru
Oleg Dokuka spoke about the features of reactive development in the programming language 3r32222. Java 3r32323. . 3r3197.  
Oleg Dokuka about reactive development on jug.msk.ru 3r3197.  
About speaker 3r3122. 3r3197.  
Oleg is an active speaker at conferences such as 3-33222. JBreak [/i] , Joker , JEEConf , GeeCON , Voxxed Days and others. Project contributor Reactor and co-author of the book Reactive Programming with Spring 5 . 3r3197.  
Some of his reports are in chronological order: 3r3197.  
"Get Reactive with Spring 5" ( JEEConf 2017 : Video Part 1 3r3-33237. And
Part 2
"Refactor to Reactive With Spring 5 and Project Reactor" (3r3-33222. Eat a Dog # ???r3r3223.: Video 3r33237.) 3r33232.  
“Building a crypto trading platform using Spring 5 and Reactor 3” (3r33222. JBreak 2018 [/i] : 3r3r666. Presentation 3r33237., 3r36868. Video 3rr3737.)
“2b or! 2b with reactive Spring” (3r33222. JEEConf 2018 [/i] :
Video 3r33237.) 3r33232.  
"Refactor to Reactive with Spring 5" (3r33232. Riga Dev Days 2018 [/i] :
Video 3r3-33237.) 3r3323238.  
Refactor to Reactive with Spring 5 and Reactor 3 (3r3-33222. GeeCON Prague 2018 [/i] :
Video 3r33237.) 3r33232.  
“How to build a Reactive Server in 50 minutes” (3r33222. Voxxed Days Minsk 2018 [/i] :
Video 3r33237.)
“Jet hardcore: how to build your Publisher <?> "(3r33232. Joker 2018 3r33232.:
) 3r33238.  
Additional links: 3r3111. Twitter
, 3r3113. GitHub
, 3r3115. Facebook
. 3r3197.  
About the report 3r3122. 3r3197.  
Andrei Kogun begins the meeting, recalling upcoming Java conferences and the 6th anniversary of 3-333222. jug.msk.ru [/i] , 3r3127. first meeting 7. which took place on December 1? 2012. 3r3197.  
3r3133. 3r3197.  
The first report was an expanded version of the report presented by Oleg at the conference 3-33222. Joker
. More available time allowed us to tell in more detail how to build your Publisher , answering in the course of the story on the questions of the audience. The report was illustrated 3r3144. project
, available on r3r3222. GitHub [/i] . 3r3197.  
3r3152. 3r3197.  
In the second part, another report was presented - on the current state of reactive access to databases. Among others, competing technologies were mentioned. ADBA 3r33737. and 3r3161. R2DBC . This report was also accompanied by a demonstration of 3r3163. of example 3r33737. . 3r3197.  
3r33170. 3r3197.  
During the break and after the meeting it was possible to talk with the speaker, asking him questions and discussing topics of interest. During the presentations, a large number of questions were asked, which were answered by Oleg. 3r3197.  
3r33180. 3r3181.
Presentations 3r3187. first
and 3r3189. second r3r3237. reports. A video will appear soon (see links below). 3r3197.  
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