Development model on the example of Stack-based CPU

Development model on the example of Stack-based CPU3r33338. Have you ever wondered how the processor works? Yes, yes, exactly the one that is in your PC /laptop /smartphone. In this article I want to give an example of a self-invented processor with a design in the Verilog language. Verilog is not exactly the programming language it is similar to. This is the Hardware Description Language. The written code is not executed by anything (if you do not run it in the simulator, of course), but turns into the design of the physical circuit, or the view perceived by the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). ...
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For Oracle JDK will need to pay. What are the options now?

The debate on the relevance of Java continues. Some people say that it is becoming obsolete and more advanced languages ​​are replacing it. Others disagree, citing the number of specialists who choose Java their profile skills year after year. In any case, one cannot ignore the fact that most of the existing software is written in Java, and customers, both internal and external, continue to use it. In this situation, any new implementations and global news about Java should not be ignored. Peter Verhas , a leading software developer and architect at the Swiss office of EPAM, shared his analysis ...
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New at JDK 9/11 review. Migrating a project from 1.8 to 11

Recently, our training project Spring 5 /JPA (Topjava) migrated from JDK 1.8 to JDK 11. I offer you a small video review of all JDK changes, starting from 9 and changes in the project + useful links on new features. Past project migrations:
New in Spring 5. Project migration to Spring 5
3r318. Migration to JUnit 5 in 10 minutes Measure time tests with Extensions
3r330. 3r3331.
Oracle Java SE 11-3rc3236.
3r350. Oracle Java Support Roadmap

3r3355. Using Java 11 In Production
3r360. Oracle JDK vs OpenJDK
3r3365. Source code restriction with OpenJDK
[h3] ...[/h]
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[Екатеринбург, анонс]java.ural.Meetup @ 2 - announcement of the second Java mitap + video of reports from java.ural.Meetup @ 1

 3r33333. 3r3-31. On the first day of winter, December 1 r3r3311. , we invite you to participate in the second meeting java.ural.Meetup which will be held in the conference room in the new office of the Contour at the address. Maloprudnaya, 5. Beginning at 14:00.
 3r33333. Bonus publish records of reports from the meeting 3-333233. java.ural.Meetup @ 1 past March 1? In Ekaterinburg.
 3r33333. 3r318. What a java.ural.Meetup ?
 3r33333. At the beginning of the year, among the developers of Yekaterinburg, broke up r3r324. poll “Do we need new Java ...
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Thrift as a REST API

3r3-31. A small article about how we are faced with the problems of synchronization between teams of client and server development. How we connected Thrift in order to simplify the interaction between our teams.
Who cares how we did it, and what "side" effects we caught, please look under the cat.


In early 201? when we started a new project, we chose EmberJS as the front end. That almost automatically led us to work on the REST scheme in organizing the interaction of the client and server side of the application. Since 3r314. EmberData
provides a convenient tool for separating ...[/h]
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Java Challengers # 2:

row comparison.Java Challengers # 2:row comparison. 3r3637. 3r3628.We have, as always, a lot of late ones to the beginning of the course, so only yesterday we had the second lesson among the new flow 3r310. "Java Developer". But this is so, little things in life, but for now we are continuing to publish a series of articles on Java Challengers, the translation of which has been prepared for you. 3r3630. 3r3633. 3r3637. 3r3628. In Java, the class is 3r33610. String 3r31111. encapsulates the array. char ( Comment of the translator - from java 9 it is already an array Byte , See Compact strings ...
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Anton Arkhipov about effective work with IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity on

November ? 2018 at a meeting of the Moscow Java-developers community 3r33282.
Anton Arkhipov spoke on the use of techniques and new features of the company 3r-3284. JetBrains [/i] - IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity .
Anton Arkhipov about effective work with IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity on


About speaker

Anton until recently worked in the company ZeroTurnaround by writing including Many interesting articles in the company's blog . A year ago, he joined the company JetBrains (products of which we all love, using them every day), doing ...
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Validation in Java applications

 3r31133. 3r3-31. 3r33965. 3r33966. This text is devoted to different approaches to data validation: what pitfalls can a project come across and what methods and technologies should be guided by validating data in Java applications. 3r33967.
3r31111.  3r31133. 3r33965. Validation in Java applications
3r31111.  3r31133. 3r33965. I have often seen projects whose creators did not bother to choose the approach to data validation at all. The teams worked on the project under incredible pressure in the form of deadlines and vague requirements, and as a result, they simply did not have time for accurate, consistent validation. Therefore, their ...
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Writing a game on LWJGL


Creating a game on LWJGL # 1

Writing a game is a complex and interesting process that takes a lot of time. In this series of articles, I will explain how to create a simple 3D Java game using the LWJGL library. 3r33380. 3r33333.  
To create your game you need the following:
3r3333. Ability to write Java code (minimum necessary: ​​understanding of the work of conditions, cycles, strings, arrays, functions, classes) 3-33430.  
3r3333. Development environment (I will use Eclipse)
3r3333. LWJGL library
3r3333. Video card that supports OpengGL version ...[/h]
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Open webinar "Multithreading in Java. On the other side of synchronized-notifyAll »

We continue to give open lessons on our course Java Developer . Today we want to share the second part of dedicated multithreading. If in the first part considered threading plus bases was written by Ping-Pong using 3r314. synchronized-notifyAll then the new part is already undergoing a more in-depth study, and Ping-Pong was rewritten in different variations already without 3r314. synchronized-notifyAll
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