Julia. Strings and Metaprogramming

 3r33877. 3r3-31. 3r33854. Julia. Strings and Metaprogramming Lines
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r33854. String variables are created using a frame of characters in double quotes, single characters of the same type are defined as
. Concatenation of strings is performed using multiplication "*":
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r3822. cats = 4
s1 = "How many cats"; 3r33877. s2 = "is too many cats?"; 3r33877. s3 = s1 * s2
3r33877. Out[]: "How many cats are too many cats?" 3r33850. 3r33851. 3r33855.  3r33877. 3r33854. That is, the exponentiation works like this:
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r3822. s1 ^ 3
Out[]: "How many cats How many cats" ...
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Julia. Scripting and parsing command line arguments

Julia. Scripting and parsing command line arguments  
We continue to deal with the programming language Julia. Since it is just necessary to have a batch mode for an analysis-oriented data processing language, consider the peculiarities of implementing Julia scripts and passing arguments from the command line to them. Someone, perhaps, this topic will seem commonplace, but given the novelty of the language, I hope that a small overview of the methods for parsing command line arguments and libraries for this, presented in Julia, will still be useful.
http://docopt.org/ . The main idea of ​​this language is a declarative ...
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Julia and the movement of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field

3r3-31. 3r33586. Julia and the movement of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field 3r? 3593. 3r3-3589.  
3r33586. We fix the skills of solving and visualizing differential equations on the example of one of the most common evolutionary equations, recall the good old Scilab and try to understand whether we need it Under the cut of the picture (kilobyte per seven hundred) 3r33593. 1 3r???. , 3r3444. 2 , and here about Octave therefore, we restrict ourselves to references to Wikipedia 3-333588. and on 3r350. homepage . 3r3-3589.  
From myself I will add, about the presence of a convenient interface ...
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Julia and partial differential equations

3r3666. Julia and partial differential equations 3r311. 3r3674. 3r3667.  3r38282. 3r3666. Make sure that everything under the hood is clean and fresh:
3r3667.  3r38282. 3r3634. 3r33635. Under the hood [/b] 3r3637.
3r?656. ]status
Status `C: UsersIgor.juliaenvironmentsv1.0Project.toml`
[537997a7]AbstractPlotting v???
[ad839575]Blink v???
[159f3aea]Cairo v???
[5ae59095]Colors v???
[8f4d0f93]Conda v???
[0c46a032]DifferentialEquations v??? 3r3-3682.[a1bb12fb]Electron v???
[5789e2e9]FileIO v???
[5752ebe1]GMT v???
[28b8d3ca]GR v???
[c91e804a]Gadfly v??? + #master (https://github.com/GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl.git)
[4c0ca9eb]Gtk v???
[a1b4810d]Hexagons v???
[7073ff75]IJulia v??? +[`C:UsersИгорь.juliadevIJulia`]3r38282.[6218d12a]ImageMagick v???
[c601a237]Interact ...[/c][/a][/c][/a][/ad]
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Julia and phase portraits of dynamic systems

Julia and phase portraits of dynamic systems We continue to learn a young and promising general-purpose language Julia . But first, we need just the very narrow possibility of application - for solving typical problems of physics. This is the most convenient tactic for mastering an instrument: in order to fill our hands, we will solve urgent problems, gradually increasing complexity and finding ways to make our lives easier. In short, we will solve diffs and build graphs. 3r33333. Gadfly , but immediately the full version of the developer to work well with our Julia ???. We drive ...
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As I moved from Python to Julia (and why)

 3r33352. 3r3-31. 3r33336. A little background about Python
3r33338.  3r33352. Python is a great language. I tried several languages ​​before it: Pascal at school; C, C with classes, C ++ - at the university. The last two (three) have instilled a persistent aversion to programming: instead of solving a problem, you are busy with allocations and destructors (scary words from the past), thinking in terms of low-level primitives. My opinion is that C is not suitable for solving educational and scientific problems (in any case, in the field of mathematics). I am sure that they will object to me, but ...
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Julia. Introduction

Ode to Julie
Julia. Introduction
It is very difficult to convey all the enthusiasm that accompanied the launch of the first programs and the correction of the first errors using this language. It is simple and beautiful as
, a bit like
, convenient work with arrays and graphs, as well as the ability to perform fierce optimization and parallelization, even for teapots such as
my classmates. You can work at different levels of abstraction: from high-level programming with dynamic typing you can go down to assembler commands, that is, here you have Python accessibility and speed of execution of Fortran counters...
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Coding and testing of kNN in Julia

Coding and testing of kNN in Julia
A new language in Data Science. In Russia, Julia is a fairly rare language, although it has been used abroad for 5 years already (also I was surprised). There are no sources in Russian, so I decided to make a representative example of the work of Julia, taken from one remarkable book. The best way to learn a language is to start writing something on it. And that this also attracted attention, use machine learning.
Online course in English. There about the basic syntax + is simultaneously written mini-project on the prediction of diseases in Africa. Basics and immediately practice. If you ...
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