Game theory: decision making with examples on Kotlin

Game theory: decision making with examples on Kotlin 3r31289. 3r3-31. Game theory is a mathematical discipline that considers the modeling of actions of players who have a goal, which is to choose the optimal strategies of behavior in conditions of conflict. On Habré, this topic is already was covered , but today we will talk about some of its aspects in more detail and consider examples at Kotlin. here is . 3r31277.  3r31289. Now we will consider decision criteria in pure strategies, and at the end of the article we will solve the game in mixed strategies by an analytical method. 3r31277.  3r31289. 3r31233. 3r31234. Disclaimer [/b] ...
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Development of GLSL shaders on Kotlin

Development of GLSL shaders on Kotlin
Our company is developing online games and now we are working on a mobile version of our main project. In this article we want to share the experience of developing GLSL shaders for the Android project with examples and source codes .
was used. delegates . They allowed in runtime to recognize the name of the delegated property, catch the moments of get and set calls and notify them ShaderBuilder - the base class of all shaders.
class ShaderBuilder {
val uniforms = HashSet ()
val attributes = HashSet ()
val varyings = HashSet ()
val ...
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Developed for Android. A little about the fast work with the lists

Developed for Android. A little about the fast work with the listsHello! My posts are a desire to help with some elements of Android. If you are a developer who has not yet formed an algorithm for building lists - you may find it useful to read this material. Basically, I would like to offer ready-made solutions for development, revealing in the narration some thoughts about how I before them came to this came.
In this article:
we form several base classes and interfaces for working with RecyclerView and RecyclerView.Adapter
we connect one library from the Android Jetpack (if desired, first without it)
for an even faster development - ...
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What is Kotlin doing: an interview with Andrei Breslav

What is Kotlin doing: an interview with Andrei Breslav  
There is no shortage of technical materials about Kotlin, it is possible to learn a lot about where or where corundines or nullability can be found. But there remains much less lit the other side: how does the process of language development in general look like? How are decisions made? What are the tasks of the "most important person"? Does he still have time for anything else?
And now, when Kotlin 1.3 is about to be released, we asked "the most important" Andrei Breslav not about korutiny, but about something completely different: from what he was doing to Kotlin, before psychotherapy is ...
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We write an application for remote control of the MPV player from RetroOrangePi

We write an application for remote control of the MPV player from RetroOrangePiMany users of the media center KODI, which is part of RetroOrangePi, probably noticed that it uses an external MPV player, which, unlike the regular one, supports hardware decoding. This allows you to play content 1080P without lags, but there is a big problem - the only way to control the player is the keyboard. Moreover - the player does not even have a minimal GUI, so what is the length of the movie you are watching, and how much is left to the end - alas, not to know.
I, I confess, is a very lazy person, and to carry a keyboard along with it, taking into account the fact that KODI itself ...
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Patterns of design in Kotlin

Patterns of design in Kotlin
It is said that "design patterns are bypasses of the disadvantages of a particular programming language". The funny thing is that it's said supporters of Lisp and Scheme , in which everything was in order in the languages.
But it seems that the developers of the language Kotlin took this statement really close to heart.
Decorator . This is a pattern that allows you to add a bit of functionality over some other class. Yes, IntelliJ can create it for you. But Kotlin went even further.
How about we get a message about this every time we add a new key to HashMap?
In the constructor, you define ...
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Corda: Kotlin

When someone looks at the code Corda , it immediately draws attention to the fact that it is written in Kotlin - a new programming language from JetBrains that can be compiled under JVM and in jаvascript. It was an unusual choice, and in this article I want to share some of the reasons for this decision and the experience of our "year with Kotlin in production."
it is quite possible , the search for a person with serious experience in banking and lazy pure (pure) functional languages ​​casually residing in London seemed risky. In addition, the very nature of the product implied that ...
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How to crash the migration from Java to Kotlin in Android application

How to crash the migration from Java to Kotlin in Android application
Ever since Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android, more and more developers want to use it in their new and existing projects. Since I'm also a big fan of Kotlin, I could not wait to be able to use Kotlin in my working project. In the end, Kotlin is fully compatible with Java, and all developers are simply delighted with this. So what can go wrong?
"Getting started with Kotlin" It's written that if you want to transfer an existing application to Kotlin, you just have to start writing unit tests, and then, after a little experience with this language, you must write new code on Kotlin...
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Single page on Kotlin and SpringBoot without using JSP

Disclaimer [/b]
The author is not a prog, he can not cipher
I'm not a guru or cool specialist in either Kotlin or Spring, nor in any other technology used in this article. I'm an ordinary java junior who decided to try out kotlin. Everything is done in Sapsan on the knee on the road with techtrain

For whom

For java developers who only heard about the boiler, but his hands still did not touch

For what is

Show that kotlin works fine with spring boot, and in combination with DSL in the part of working with html to be more convenient than the classical approach with jsp.
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"We do not even try to run the old code, we do not need such a task in principle" - Roman Elizarov on the development of Kotlin

If you want to figure something out, learn from the best. Today my questions are answered by the god korutin and concurrency, Roma Elizarov. We talked not only about Kotlin, as you might think, but also about a bunch of related topics:
Golang and gorutins;
jаvascript and its applicability to serious projects;
Java and Project Loom;
olimpiadnoe programming on Kotlin;
how to properly learn programming;
and other exciting things.
"We do not even try to run the old code, we do not need such a task in principle" - Roman Elizarov on the development of Kotlin  
guys from Alibaba they told how they hacked JVM and screwed themselves a firebird hotspot, just pumping a patch there, which they did not even write...
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