Top reports of JPoint 2018: Java /JVM and its performance, Kotlin, Spring, Docker

Top reports of JPoint 2018: Java /JVM and its performance, Kotlin, Spring, Docker 
We have already posted videos of JPoint 2018 reports on YouTube and, specifically for the Java hub on Habré, we have made a traditional selection of the best of them according to conference visitors.
As usual, the top “junior” reports, in the end - with the highest rating. Of course, this does not mean that one report is much worse than another: if you change the calculation method, places can easily change. In reality, we changed it, now the “soft quorum” version of the rating is used, taking into account the number of participants present at the report. This approach has its drawbacks ...
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Compile Kotlin: JetBrains VS ANTLR VS JavaCC

Compile Kotlin: JetBrains VS ANTLR VS JavaCC
How quickly does Kotlin parse and what does it matter? JavaCC or ANTLR? Is the source code from JetBrains suitable?
Compare, fantasize and wonder.

tl; dr

3r33434. JetBrains are too hard to carry, ANTLR is hyip but unexpectedly slow, and JavaCC is still too early to write off. 3r33434.
Parsing a simple Kotlin file with three different implementations:
First run  
The 1000th launch of  
jar size (parser)  
3r33410. JetBrains  
3r33410. 3254ms  
3r33410. 16.6ms  
3r33410. 35.3MB ...[/h]
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Kotlin, IT in Estonia and (suddenly) a tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki: an interview with Anton Keks

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Recently we have a very specific blog. post about Kotlin: not very serious, rather superficial and unexpectedly vigorous. But we are well aware that criticizing technology after spending a few days studying it is moveton. And so this time we decided to talk about Kotlin with a man who writes on it on the prod from version 1.0. 3r3302.  3r33333. 3r3302.  3r33333. Kotlin, IT in Estonia and (suddenly) a tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki: an interview with Anton Keks Anton Keks 3r3-3294. , and subsequently he also paid a lot of attention to Kotlin (for example, he spoke twice at KotlinConf). Therefore, we decided to ask him about how the life of a Kotlin-developer has changed over time...
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Camunda BPM Meetup Raiffeisenbank

December 18 r3r37. We invite you to the first open mitp 3r336. Camunda BPM which will be held at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino.
 3r3394. It is very important for us to form communities and share knowledge and experience both within the company and outside. That is why on a regular basis we hold open meetings in different directions. This time we open the doors and invite you to the first mitap of Camunda BPM. Within the framework of the mitap, we also want to create the Camunda BPM User Group chat, it is much easier to live with the chat, because then you have the opportunity ...
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Another dsl on Kotlin or how I printed a PDF from react

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December webinars Kotlin 1.3

December webinars Kotlin 1.3 December 5 and 1? 3s3358. JetBrains organizes two webinars on the latest release of 3r-357. Kotlin 1.3 r3r358. . On the webinars, Roman Elizarov and Nikolai Igotti will talk about how to start using Korutiny, Kotlin /Native and Multiplatform Projects. Andrei Breslav will answer viewers questions about Kotlin 1.3 and future plans. Ask your questions to Andrew on Twitter with the hashtag # kotlinask_13 now or on YouTube chat during a webinar.
 3r395. Both events are free to attend and will be broadcast on 3-3-312. YouTube channel JetBrains TV
. Webinars and Q & A sessions will be held in ...
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Kotlin: looking for Head of Marketing

3r3145. Hello! 3r3r1616. 3r3143.  
3r3145. The time has come again when it is time for us to raise Kotlin's marketing to a new level. Why? In short, we have grown very much, and we have very big ambitions. 3r3r1616. 3r3143.  
3r3145. Today in marketing Kotlin works 2 (in words: two) people. It is obvious to all that this is very small. The results are incredible, but, first, they are sewn up, and second, one of them decided to become an engineer again and move Machine Learning forward (on Kotlin, of course). Now we are looking for not just a marketer, but a person who can eventually assemble a ...
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Greedy Dwarf: As I wrote market analytics in Lineage 2

Here comes the autumn-winter season. Outside the window, the rains and the desire to spend time outdoors are less and less. And here comes a message to me from a friend "
And let's play in 3r3135. Lineage 2 3r3r136. 3r?108.?". And again, I succumbed to nostalgia, agreed. We chose a fresh server on our site and created characters.
 3r33333. Greedy Dwarf: As I wrote market analytics in Lineage 2  3r33333.
 3r33333. Unlike World of Warcraft in Lineage 2 is a completely different game currency mining system. Need day and night to hunt monsters in order to obtain profit. For me it was even a discovery that for some people RMT (Real money trading) is something of ...
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How to use korutiny in prode and sleep at night

How to use korutiny in prode and sleep at night 3r31834. 3r3-31. Korutiny - a powerful tool for asynchronous code execution. They work in parallel, communicate with each other and consume few resources. It would seem that without fear, you can introduce corutaine in production. But there are fears and they interfere. 3r31820.  3r31834. 3r31820.  3r31834. 3r31788 report. Vladimir Ivanov 3r317179. on 3r? 31802. AppsConf 3r31819. just about the fact that the devil is not so terrible and that it is possible to apply Korutina right now: 3r31820.  3r31834. 3r31820.  3r31834.
 3r31834. 3r31775. why the korutiny, and not RxJava ; 3r31782...
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Kotlin: static, which is not

Kotlin: static, which is not 3r33232. 3r3637.  3r3645. 3r3637.  3r3645. What is the static behavior in Java? There are: 3r3637.  3r3645. 3r3331.  3r3645.
static fields class 3r340.  3r3645.
class 3r3-340 static methods.  3r3645.
static nested classes
 3r3645. 3r3342. 3r3637.  3r3645. 3r3637.  3r3645. Let's do an experiment (this is the first thing that comes to mind). 3r3637.  3r3645. 3r3637.  3r3645. Create a simple Java class:
 3r3645. 3r3607. 3r3608. public class SimpleClassJava1 {
3r3645. public static String staticField = "Hello, static!"; 3r3645. 3r3645. public static void setStaticValue (String value) {
staticField = value; ...
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