JPoint 2018: analysis of flights

April 6-? 2018 in Moscow, the Java-conference was held. JPoint 2018 . Next is the "analysis of flights" conference, which was held with the active support and participation of the popular podcast Analysis of flights : information and impressions about the reports, the organization of the event, illustrated by a large number of photographs.
JPoint 2018: analysis of flights

Significantly increased the number of sponsoring companies, respectively, and their stands in the lobby.

At the company stand CRIC Andrei Kogun (leader , member of the program committee and speaker of the conference) and Anton Arkhipov (presenter of Development of flights , organizer .DevClub and .GeekOUT , ex-
? ZeroTurnaround
? JetBrains
, Also a member of the program committee) at stand JetBrains . There was also an opportunity to talk with Dmitry Zhemerov and Tagir Valeev.

Alfa-Bank Represented at the event Maxim Gorelikov and Kirill Tolkachev (concurrently - leading ? parsing flights ). Stand Classmates were Oleg Anastasiev and Alexander Tarasov. On the stands of the companies there were various quizzes and lotteries of prizes, an illustration of this - competition from Alfa-Bank .

Discussion zones were actively used - an excellent opportunity after the report to ask additional questions to the speaker and to communicate with him.

Eugene phillennium Trifonov and Oleg olegchir Chirukhin interviewed the organizers of the conference (for example, Vladimir Sitnikov and Andrey Dmitriev) and representatives of sponsoring companies (for example,
? Alfa-Bank
? Align Technology


Opening of the conference

Alexei Fedorov and Andrey Dmitriev open the conference, providing additional information for participants and giving the floor to the sponsors.


Reports of the first day

Spring Framework 5.0 on JDK 8 & 9
Juergen Hoeller, Pivotal

Jurgen is a legendary person, co-founder of the project Spring Framework and his leader at the moment. His speech at the conference was divided into two reports. The first report opened the conference, the second was at the end of the second day.
In the first report, it was told about the features of support by the version 5 of the version of the framework. JDK 8 and 9. Illustrated the common compatibility issues that I encountered. Gave recommendations on adapting your own applications to Java 9 taking into account the specifics of Spring .
When demonstrating the contribution to the code Spring on one of the slides was mentioned igor_suhorukov .
We are fighting with Russian Hackers using Kafka Streams and Firehose API
Victor Gamow and Baruch Sadogursky

A joint sparkling report of the conference stars (and ? Debriefing ) Victor and Baruch. The subjects were products. Bintray (implementing the Firehose API ) and Apache Kafka . With the help of the latter, streaming data was processed and certain events were identified that could expose hackers. The code of the project to be displayed is available at GitHub . Baruch and Victor were, as always, beautiful.
How to make a built-in JVM profiler, which is not afraid of AOT-compilation?
Ivan Ugljansky, Excelsior LLC

At conferences held Group , there was one more (except for Nikita Lipsky) representative of the company Excelsior LLC - Ivan Ugljansky. Like Nikita, Ivan actively writes in Excelsior JET Team Blog , developing the product itself Excelsior JET .
The report was about the features of writing a JVM-profiler that can perform its functions with AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation. The available variants were analyzed in detail, their applicability on various platforms ( ? Windows ? ? Linux [/i] , ? macOS [/i] ). The report achieved a reasonable balance between the hardcore theme and clarity to its conference listeners.
Spring Boot and Xtend: a session of black magic with the exposure of
Andrei Kogun, CRIC

The familiar role of Andrew, which is probably already used to all - the leader of the Moscow group of Java developers , which he meets since December 2012 with the support of CRIC . At the conferences Group Andrey is on the program committee. At this conference, he also spoke as one of the speakers.
In the report, the horizons of listeners, accustomed to new languages ​​like Kotlin , were extended by demonstrating the application based on Spring Boot with the use of Xtend . Xtend - Statically typed language based on Java with less verbose syntax. Unfortunately, the working plug-in is now only for Eclipse , but there is hope of correcting the existing one or the appearance of a new plugin for IntelliJ IDEA .
Refactoring your code to Java 9 modules
Rabea Gransberger, MEKOS

The report is of an applied nature - refactoring an existing monolithic application on a modular structure, the support of which appeared in Java 9 . To a great extent echoes the next day's report "Designing for modularity with Java modules". Contains enumeration of concrete steps for breaking into modules with indication of possible pitfalls.
Large data in modern biology
Mikhail Gelfand, HSE Higher School of Economics

It has already become a tradition for the final report of one of the days to invite an interesting speaker from a completely different subject area. This time it was Mikhail Gelfand, Doctor of Biological Sciences and Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
A completely brain-blowing report (but this does not become less interesting) is in no way a layman in the subject area.
"What? Where? When? "With Mikhail Skipsky
Tournament on sports "What? Where? When? »Held Mikhail Skipsky (player of the Balash Kasumov team of the television game "What? Where? When?"). Those wishing to be invited to pre-register, teamed up in teams of 6 people.

In total, 24 questions were asked - 2 servings of 12. On the average picture you can see the team of Ivan Uglanskiy. The team that won the tournament is represented on the following photo.

In parallel with the game "What? Where? When? "Passed BoF - a session on three topics: Spring , VM /Runtime , Kotlin .
Debriefing of Flights Live: JPoint 2018
The final chord of the first day was recording the release of podcast Analysis of flights . Present as leading - Viktor Gamov, Alexei Abashev, Anton Arkhipov, Baruch Sadogursky, Kirill Tolkachev

and the guests (some who have already become permanent) - Anton Chernousov (aka Golodny), Andrei Kogun, Ivan Krylov and Oleg Chirukhin.

In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the first day of the conference was discussed.

Reports of the second day

Once a year the gardens bloom: the analysis of the "exactly-once" semantics of Apache Kafka
Victor Gamow, Confluent

Victor is a co-founder and leader of Debriefing of flights , now working in the company Confluent , which develops a platform based on Apache Kafka .
In the report (the first snapshot - before the beginning of the report with Ekaterina Kurilova), attention was focused on the semantics "exactly once" as applied to Kafka . There were mentioned Kafka Connect with Kafka Streams . A very dynamic and informative report (more than two hundred slides in the presentation).
Korutiny in Kotlin
Roman Elizarov, JetBrains

Absolutely remarkable report from Roman Elizarov about korutinah: historical digression into the history of asynchronous programming, evolution of approaches, features of implementation in the language Kotlin (to which the novel is most directly related). Impressions of the report are similar to opinion of Ivan Osipov , another speaker of the conference (although
? this reaction of
to korutin is interesting).
Designing for modularity with Java modules
Sander Mak, Luminis Technologies

Sander was already a speaker at conferences Group - he made a report on a similar topic at Joker 2016 . Very good familiarity with the subject of the report, as is co-author of the book Java 9 Modularity (very sweet
? the reaction of his family
to the book). Detailed presentation with a smooth transition from the theoretical foundations of modularity to practical advice.
Graal, Value Types, Loom and other nishtyaks: what is it and why does it need a mere mortal
Oleg Chirukhin, Group

Own vision for the development of Java in the near future, laid out Oleg olegchir Chirukhin: Value Types , Amber , Loom , Graal and Truffle , other technologies and projects. Expressive report, broadening the horizons of perception and interested in reading and pozrabratsya in the things mentioned in the report.
Spring Framework 5: feature highlights and hidden gems
Juergen Hoeller, Pivotal

This report by Jürgen was a continuation of the report of the first day. It showed less known features and possibilities of Spring Framework , available in version 5: for writing code in a functional and reactive style, support for the programming language Kotlin etc. The release of version 5.? expected in the third quarter of 201? was announced.
Adventures of Senor Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development
Barukh Sadogursky and Evgeny Borisov
Incomparable diamond - a joint report of Baruch and Eugene, who concluded the conference. Several detective stories that play out the features of Spring Framework .

The role of the chief in the investigation consistently passed from Eugene to Baruch and back.

In the fourth story, Alexei Abashev ("developer-intruder") and Viktor Gamov ("consultant from 3-33364? Pivotal [/i] ") Took an additional part.

To the great regret of all those present, the fifth story was not presented due to lack of time.

Closure of the conference

Farewell words at the closing of the conference and traditional photos of the organizers, speakers and volunteers.



More reports, speakers and sponsoring companies, new formats for conducting (BoF-sessions) and improvement of old (discussion areas), attention to detail (backup extra room for viewing the popular report, fast Wi-Fi) are all JPoint .
A link to the video reports of the conference was sent to all participants who left the reviews. You can get acquainted with the presentations by visiting site of the conference .
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