Experience of developing a SPA on VueJS + Nuxt

Our company is mainly engaged in the development of online stores and we want to share our experience developing the project on a bundle of VueJS + Nuxt + Laravel.
https://github.com/nuxt/nuxt.js/issues/805 .
The problem occurred when we in the asyncData method of our pages did several requisitioning.
Experience of developing a SPA on VueJS + Nuxt  
Fortunately, nuxt developers quickly solved this problem, and at the moment the process consumes about 40mb of memory.

Interesting problems and their solutions

Articles with components
In the control panel of the site, it is possible to add articles and insert into ...[/h]
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PHP Digest No. 132 (May 27 - June 1? 2018)

PHP Digest No. 132 (May 27 - June 1? 2018)

A fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: PHP ??? alpha ? Yii 3.0 alpha 1 and other releases, a fresh book on asynchronous PHP, video reports, a handful of useful tools, and much more.
Enjoy reading!
PHP ??? alpha 1 - The first alpha version of the new PHP branch is available for testing. Started semi-annual testing cycle , the final release is expected in late November.
Among the changes:
• Improvements to Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax RFC
• The json_encode () and json_decode ...
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The system of automatic documentation of REST-API in Laravel projects

In order to describe and document the rules of client-server
interaction using Rest-api, three main methods can be distinguished:
Describe your colleagues the rules of accessing the server on the fingers
This method is fast and does not require long-term support, but there is a high probability that you will be beaten for this.
The system of automatic documentation of REST-API in Laravel projects  
Make up Google-docs /Wiki /Readme in project
with your hands.
Conveniently, once written documentation does not require a second explanation. It can be shown to colleagues and even sometimes to the customer. The disadvantage of this method is the long-term ...
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20 Eloquent ORM tricks

Eloquent ORM seems simple, but under the hood there are many half-hidden functions and less known methods. In this article I will show you some tricks.
field. UUID in this moment.
public static function boot ()
parent :: boot ();
self :: creating (function ($ model) {
$ model-> uuid = (string) Uuid :: generate ();



4. Relations with the condition and sorting


This is a typical way of defining relationships:

    public function users () {
return $ this-> hasMany ('AppUser');


But did you know that here we can add where ...

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Choose Yii2 or laravel

Choose Yii2 or laravel


I already wrote a similar article, but it was very incomplete and not provided with examples, so I decided to take a second attempt and try to solve this issue most fully!
In this article, all the subtleties of development on frameworks will not be considered, since it is not possible to lay it down within the framework of one article. However, you can explain in sufficient detail those nuances that will help in choosing to study or implement a particular project. Compare will be Yii2 and Laravel. I understand that this is a fairly holivar topic, the result of which usually ...[/h]
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LarrockCMS is a new CMS based on Laravel

LarrockCMS is a new CMS based on Laravel
LarrockCMS is a CMS based on the php-framework Laravel supplied in the format of composer-packages. Distributed under the license CC-BY-4.0.
Of. site: http://larrock-cms.ru/
Github: https://github.com/Fanamurov
The core of the project is the CMS core (LarrockCore), installed in addition to laravel version> = 5.6 and component packages (additions to LarrockCore). Required: php> = 7.1.? mysql> = ???r3r3200.  
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