PHP Digest number 144 (November 12 - 2? 2018)

 3r? 3522. 3r3-31.
PHP Digest number 144 (November 12 - 2? 2018) 3r33518.

 3r? 3522. 3r33473. Fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: PHP ???RC? PhpStorm 2018.3 and other releases, Symfony leaves PHP-FIG, the latest offers and news from PHP Internals, a portion of useful tools, videos from past meetings and conferences and much more.
 3r? 3522. Enjoy reading! 3r33510.
 3r? 3522. PHP ???RC6 3r3507. - The sixth and, probably, the last release candidate of the 7.3 branch. With bated breath we are waiting for the final release already on December 6th. In the meantime, you can once again see what's new in 7.3 in recent reviews
here 3r3507. and
here 3r3507. . Available
Some benchmarks
, which show a performance gain of ~ 10% compared with 7.2. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3338. HTTP /3 over QUIC
- It was decided that the next HTTP standard will use QUIC, which, in turn, works over UDP, not TCP. 3r340 review available. QUIC from CloudFlare
, including a problem with NAT and other nuances. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3442. PhpStorm ???r3r3507 is available.
 3r? 3522. • Support for DQL 3r3508.  3r? 3522. • PHP CS Fixer
 3r? 3522. • New refactorings 3r3508.  3r? 3522. • Deploying to many hosts at the same time 3r3508.  3r? 3522. • GitHub Pull Requests
 3r? 3522. and many other improvements! 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3365. Symfony leaves PHP-FIG
- Symfony leader Fabien deleted yourself and the framework from 3r3673. list of participants 3r3507. PHP-FIG groups. And commented on his decision 3r36969. on Twitter
3r373. PHP-FIG ** was a common ground for PHP projects, ** interoperability-first ** #php 3r33510. - Fabien Potencier (@fabpot) November 2? 201
3r? 3522.
3r? 3516. 3r? 3522. 3r33518.
 3r? 3522. In this light, still seems relevant. open letter to Anthony Ferrar to php-fig in which he says: “Please stop solving common problems. Solve 50% of problems, not 99%. ”
 3r? 3522. Two years ago, representatives of Laravel, Propel, Doctrine, Guzzle, Stash and Aura left the PHP-FIG group, mainly due to the fact that they didn’t particularly take part in the discussions.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33450. 3r399. PHP Internals
 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434. RFC: Password Hashing Registry - The proposal is accepted for the next version of PHP and allows you to register your own hashing algorithms in extensions. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3111. RFC: Spread Operator in Array
- It is proposed to add the operator for arrays. 3r3115. 3r3116. Hidden text [/b] 3r3118. 3r3119. $ parts =['apple', 'pear']; 3r? 3522. $ fruits =['banana', 'orange', $parts, 'watermelon']; 3r? 3522. //['banana', 'orange', 'apple', 'pear', 'watermelon']; 3r? 3522. 3r33518. 3r33518. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. [RFC]Preloading - RFC pre-upload voting has ended. All core-team members unanimously supported this proposal. So next year at 7.4 we are waiting for the opportunity to preload any files into opkash. All functions and classes declared in these files will be available for all subsequent requests, as if they were inline elements like strlen () or Exception.
 3r? 3522. Detailed discussions are underway to support this feature in 3r3135. Composer and 3r3r137. Symfony (sent 3r3133. @dmitrybalabka ), and also the concept of the plug-in 3r3141 is available. Ayesh /Composer-Preload . 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33450. 3r3149. Tools
 3r? 3522.
  •  3r? 3522. 3r33434. spiral /roadrunner - High-performance application server, load balancer and process manager for PHP implemented on Go. In support of 3r3158. An interesting story about the creation of RoadRunner and a fundamental change in the approach to the development of PHP-applications. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3163. cebe /php-openapi - The tool reads OpenAPI files with a description of services into convenient PHP objects for work. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3168. tgalopin /html-sanitizer - Library for processing, cleaning and sanitizing HTML data that came from the user. is also available. bundle for symfony . Sent berezuev . 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33177. jeremykendall /php-domain-parser - Domain parser that recognizes the registered part of the domain and the public suffix. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3182. - Nginx config generator. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3187. rryqszq4 /ngx_php7 - PHP interpreter embedded in Nginx. Allows you to create PHP request handlers, modify the request /response, filter the response body and headers, and so on. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3192. php-decimal /ext-decimal - Expansion realizes decimal arithmetic with arbitrary precision and correct rounding. 3r3194. Post from the author in support of. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r-33199. Hywan /php-ext-wasm - An experimental extension that allows you to run WebAssembly binaries directly from PHP. It can potentially give the ability to dynamically load modules implemented in other languages. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
     3r? 3522. 3r33450. Learning materials
     3r? 3522.
.env.dist now just .env , which come to GIT, and you can create 3r34444. .env.local . 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. Symfony Week # 621 (November 19-2? 2018) 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. Symfony Week # 620 (November 12-1? 2018) 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434.

 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.
yiisoft /yii-project-template
- Web application template on Yii 3.0 for those who want to feel the development version of the framework. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434.

 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434. nuwber /rabbitevents - Package for subscription and notification of events between applications (services) using RabbitMQ. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. anlutro /laravel-settings - Allows you to store the configuration in the database. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33300. spatie /
- Panel to display data on the TV screen in real time. 3r3302. Post
in support of. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3307. Dynamic relationships in Laravel using subqueries
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33312. A few Laravel tricks that you might not know about 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33464. 3r33333. Videos from Laracon AU 2018
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33464. Laracon EU 2018 - Also available part of the video from the European Laracon. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434.
Async PHP

 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33333. clue /reactphp-socks
- SOCKS proxy client and server based on ReactPHP. 3r33333. Post from the author
in support of. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. voryx /pgAsync - Asynchronous client for PostgreSQL in pure PHP (no extension required). Allows you to also listen to NOTIFY events. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33333. jakubkulhan /bunny
- Asynchronous library for working with AMQP (RabbitMQ). 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33358. wudi /swoole-ide-helper
- Helper for IDE for Swoole. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33464. 3r33333. Fast web scraping on ReactPHP # 1: Get data from HTML
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434.
CMS 3r33375.
 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33381. Magento Community Digest ??? 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3rr3465. Vulnerability in the engine for creating forums phpBB 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. PSR-18: The PHP standard for HTTP clients - Once again about the recently adopted standard. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. A couple of articles on why it is better to use classes instead of arrays: times and 3r3404. two
. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3409. We run PHP on Android using PeachPie and Xamarin
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33414. When to use a mono-repository for PHP projects 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33434. Fuzzing PHP source for finding bugs and not just 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3442. 3r33434. The story of how we accelerated tests 12 times 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3442. Matrix is ​​a terminal operating system of 10 Kb jаvascript for PHP 3r3507 reactive applications. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3442.
Summaries of the report “Monolith for hundreds of client versions” (HL201? Badoo, Vladimir Yants) 3r3507. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r3442.
PHP performance: we plan, we profile, we optimize
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33450. Audio and video
 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33464. PHP Roundtable Podcast # 80 - Away Nikita Popov and Sarah Golman discuss PHP Internals, preloading, FFI, and other RFCs. 3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33434. 3r33464. 3rr3465. 3r33466. Video recording of the meeting in Minsk Onliner PHP Meetup # 2
3r33434.  3r? 3522. 3r33470.
 3r? 3522. 3r33473. Thanks for attention!
 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. If you notice an error or inaccuracy - please inform PM 3r3507. .
 3r? 3522. For questions and suggestions write to
mail or in 3r3484. twitter .
 3r? 3522.
 3r? 3522. More news and comments on the telegram channel
PHP Digest
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