A simple controller based on fuzzy logic. Creating and configuring

Fuzzy logic for control

The text is based on the materials of the book Gostev VV. "Fuzzy regulators in systems of automatic modeling". Like all serious publications on the topic, this book is overloaded with mathematical calculations and is hard for an unprepared reader. Meanwhile, the very principles of creating and using fuzzy logic are quite simple and obvious. This text is an attempt to translate an example from a book from a mathematical language into an engineering one.
The possible sequence of controller design based on fuzzy logic is shown, by sequential complication of logical rules and selection of parameters by optimization methods.

Statement of the problem

Consider the synthesis of the digital PID controller and fuzzy controller for the missile control system in the angle of attack. Using mathematical modeling, we define processes in the system and give a comparative evaluation of the quality of the system using synthesized regulators.
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