From Alibaba to Pyaterochka: who and how uses face recognition in business

Pay for a burger without a card, do not wait for check-in at the hotel, do not stand in line at the cashier — all this is possible using face recognition technology. In recent years, such solutions have been actively tested by many large Russian and foreign retailers. We selected the five most interesting examples. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. From Alibaba to Pyaterochka: who and how uses face recognition in business AI School
. 3r-33199.  3r3208. wrote 3r3202. that continues to compare face recognition technology from different companies. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r3168. 4. "Dixie": women - cosmetics, men - beer
3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. In Dixie, they decided to try face recognition technology at the same time as the X5 Retail Group, but chose another developer, AddReality. The goal was to determine the sex and age of customers and implement targeted advertising in the cashier zone and in the sales area. Dixy began testing biometric identification at Victoria stores and its headquarters in 2017. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r3187. How it works: 3r3188. On large screens installed in sales areas, a camera is mounted to recognize the face of a person who, passing by, draws attention to the screen. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r33150. 3r3151. 3r3152.
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3r-33199.  3r3208. “It is possible to determine whether a man is a woman or a woman, an approximate age, and taking into account these parameters, based on the existing pool of advertisers, the most appropriate advertisement is broadcast on the monitor. For women, this may be an advertisement for cosmetics, and for a middle-aged man, for example, beer ”-
explained 3r3202. IT-director of "Dixie" Vladimir Muravev. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r3168. 5. Yandex: special advertising for "bearded men" and intellectuals in pharmacies 3r3-3169. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r3172. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r33175. Source: Yandex [/i] 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. Yandex in June 2018 3r3181. Launched 3r3202. selling targeted advertising on screens using face recognition in Asna pharmacies. At the core is the same technology that has already been used in Victoria stores, supplemented by the ability to select the most suitable advertising for the user using a search engine. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r3187. How it works: 3r3188. The system consists of a screen and a camera that recognizes the viewer: his age, gender, appearance features - for example, glasses or a beard, and other characteristics. After that, with the help of Yandex.Direct, the most appropriate advertising for such a client is displayed on the screen. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. According to a Yandex representative, the system can independently determine the types of several people in front of the screen, and the advertiser will only pay for targeted impressions. If there are three people in front of the screen, only two of which are advertising relevant, the system will count two impressions. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. In Addreality, it was noted that the system “uses only impersonal user data, does not identify individual customers, does not use personal data, and does not record video of customers passing by on the screen.” The experiment began with 70 screens, another 2000 will appear in Asna pharmacies in case of successful testing of the system. 3r-33199.  3r3208. 3r-33199.  3r3208. Learn more about how to use facial recognition, neural networks, and machine learning in business, in the intensive course
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