Walmart starts using

3r3-31. Walmart starts using 3r388.  
Feeling nehily 3r340. danger of 3r382. on the Amazon side, the world's largest retailer is introducing new technology 3r310. one
for 3r382. 3r314. another . Until the end of January, Walmart is going to install 360 autonomous robot cleaning machines in supermarkets across the country - in addition to the one hundred units that are already being tested by the company. Brain Corp, the company that developed Brain OS, the platform with artificial intelligence that drives the machines, will help with this retailer. It will allow cleaning robots not to collide with shelves and visitors, plus - to increase the efficiency of their work with each passing day. Alphabot quickly select and deliver the necessary goods from the warehouse. 3r3391. 3r388.  

The battle for mopping

Who better to cope with cleaning the floor, a robot or a man? Brain Corp says the answer is obvious. Machines are much more accurate and efficient, they do not skip areas and consistently give the same result. Plus, gradually they will learn to go through the most efficient way, and even work in certain time intervals, without disturbing visitors. 3r3391. 3r388.  
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As for what will happen to hundreds of thousands of American cleaners, Yevgeny Izikevich, the founder of Brain Corp and an expert in computational neurobiology, hopes that they "will move on to other, more complex tasks." The speed of the car for washing floors is only 3-4 km /h, and one walk around the store takes an average of five to six hours, so the driver’s talents are not as important as decency, attentiveness and efficiency. “And cleaners can do something more useful — for example, filling shelves or removing spoiled vegetables or fruits from trays.” 3r3391. 3r388.  
But, of course, it is most likely that such people just gradually need to start looking for another job. If the Walmart experiment is successful, each car will replace at least three to four people. And just calculations McKinsey, by 203? 400-800 million people will change their jobs due to robots. 3r3391. 3r388.  
All this, of course, worries little Walmart, which this year reached a record turnover (more than $ 500 billion). Few people believed that the company could adapt so successfully to the new market conditions. This year, Walmart even became the 3rd online store in the US, beating and Home Depot. Now he has 4% of the market (with Amazon - 48%, with eBay - 7.2%). Opening from the main competitors is still great, but the growth rate is impressive. 3r3391. 3r388.  
We even noticed that at Walmart through us from Russia over the past year they began to buy more often. Of course, Amazon, 6PM and New Balance are still far away, but the old man clearly does not give up without a fight, and the company’s plans for the future are clearly very large. 3r3391.
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