Adobe bought Magento for $ ??? billion

Today Adobe announced that buys Magento for ??? billion dollars .
This purchase will give Adobe the missing part of the e-commerce platform, which works in the B2B and B2C segments and must perfectly fit into the company's cloud stack.
This should also help Adobe compete with Salesforce, which offers its cloud platform and which is bought Demandware for more than $ 2 billion in 2016 to offer a similar functionality.
cloud platform Adobe . "Now they have a tool ...
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How to make changes to the core of Magento?

We will show, we will tell, in Moscow.
I invite you on Saturday 26 May at 3-3336. Code Contribution Day: Together with Venice
All, improve life around the world, who would like to throw their 5 kopecks into the core of Magento.
Or something that I would very much like for my native lands.
"And how best to do? " - questions on which you can get answers.
Colleagues from Adobe have already identified themselves in Slacke.
Connect to Colleagues from Venice Meet Magento Italy.
Together with the team of Magento Community Engineering, all developers will have the opportunity to participate ...
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