Goodbye, Google Maps

Goodbye, Google Maps Google decided to make a new billion dollar business from Google Maps, raising prices 14 times and reducing the limit of free use by almost 30 times, all with a minimum notice period. Fortunately, this immediately stimulated competition. Apple Maps, MapBox, TomTom - what to choose?
Our startup allows patients to find the right medicines in regular pharmacies. And even by the name ( "where to find medicines" ) It is clear how important the mapping is at . The work of the service is easy to explain by a single picture, against which there were always maps of Google ...
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How to spoil useful service (on the example of Yandex.Map)

How to spoil useful service (on the example of Yandex.Map)Yandex has a wonderful product - Yandex.Maps. The value of this tool is, perhaps, difficult to overestimate: many of us use Maps every day.
What makes this product really interesting is the information generated by users. First of all, of course, information about the speed of movement, which is converted into a map of traffic jams. And also text user information, when people warn others about road blockages, congestion and all sorts of dangers.
But without skilful moderation, any product in which end users participate may seriously deteriorate. Now, using the example of Yandex.Map, I will ...
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How much math is needed to sign a polygon in the JS API Yandex.Map

How much math is needed to sign a polygon in the JS API Yandex.MapIn the JS API Yandex.Maps there is an opportunity to create various objects on the map. One of them is a polygon with which you can improve the interactivity of a custom map: select individual areas or display the location of a non-point object. For example, it is possible to show the plan for the construction of a new quarter or a pizza delivery area.
Yandex.Maps API users have long had a question about adding signatures over polygons. People offered cunning solutions to add a signature to the object in the right place, hide it, repaint it, etc., but such solutions turned out to be complex ...
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