Mathematical model of the fuel element of the nuclear reactor

Mathematical model of the fuel element of the nuclear reactor  
The fuel element (TVEL) is the main structural element of the core of a heterogeneous nuclear reactor containing nuclear fuel[1].
In TVELs fission of heavy nuclei of uranium 235 or plutonium 239 occurs, accompanied by the release of thermal energy, which is then transferred to the heat carrier.
TVEL should ensure the removal of heat from the fuel to the heat carrier and prevent the spread of radioactive products from the fuel to the coolant.
Therefore, the calculation of the temperature fields in fuel elements is an important task of designing a nuclear reactor.

R means regression

Statistics recently received a powerful PR support from more new and noisy disciplines -
Machine Learning
Big Data
. Those who seek to saddle this wave will be friends with
regression equations
. It is advisable to not only learn 2-3 examiners and pass the exam, but also be able to solve problems from everyday life: find the relationship between the variables, and ideally - be able to distinguish the signal from noise.
R means regression
For this purpose, we will use the programming language and development environment
, which can not be better adapted to such problems. At the same time, let's check what the rating ...

Program for digitizing graphs, drawings, drawings: algorithms of the project "Tutor: Mathematics"

Program for digitizing graphs, drawings, drawings: algorithms of the project "Tutor: Mathematics"


Opening speech
Principle of operation
Description of the program
The final program code is
Advantages of working with digitized functions on examples
Tutor: mathematics (Read the article on Habrahabra -  
"Digitizing" the graphics in order to make it appropriate to our style or just to make it look decent;
obtaining a set of base points for the construction of geometric drawings, histograms, etc. based on the author's drawing by hand (or using the ...[/h]

Binary-ternary bit magic

There is a classical problem for interviews, often formulated as follows:
There is an array of natural numbers. Each of the numbers is present in the array exactly twice, and only one of the numbers does not have a pair. It is necessary to propose an algorithm that, for the minimum number of passes through the array, determines a number that does not have a pair.
I suppose no one will be offended if I immediately bring up the solution of the problem: the unique element will coincide with
Binary-ternary bit magic
-sum of all elements of the array, calculated in linear time.
I propose to think about another variation of this problem...

Multi-classification of Google-queries using a neural network in Python

Multi-classification of Google-queries using a neural network in PythonIt's been a long time since the publication of my first article on the topic of natural language processing. I continued to actively explore this topic, every day discovering something new.
Today I would like to talk about one of the ways to classify search queries, into separate categories using a neural network on Keras. The sphere of cars was chosen as the subject area of ​​inquiries.
The basis was a data set of ~ 32000 search queries, classified into 14 classes: Autoinsurance, Auto Insurance, Driving License, Complaints, Entry to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Record at the MADI...

Suspended fuel tanks for airplanes

Suspended fuel tanks for airplanes  
Often, to ensure a long flight range, additional tanks are hung from the outside on the outside. Suspended tanks can be dropped and not dropped.
Dropped pendant tanks after the consumption of fuel from them are dumped in the same way as aerial bombs from the lock of the bomb holders, to which they are suspended.
Power from the suspension tanks is carried out by including pipelines from these tanks in the common system of supplying the engine with fuel through a stop or multi-way valve.
An interesting fact is that in the Vietnamese jungle after the war began to find a ...

Coefficient Gini. From economy to machine learning

Coefficient Gini. From economy to machine learningAn interesting fact: in 191? the Italian statistician and demographer Corrado Gini wrote a famous work "Variability and variability of the sign," and in the same year the Titanic sank in the waters of the Atlantic. It would seem, what is common between these two events? Everything is simple, their consequences have found wide application in the field of machine learning. And if the dataset "Titanic" in the presentation does not need, then we will talk more about one remarkable statistic, first published in the work of the Italian scientist. Just want to note that the article has nothing to do with ...

Basics of sorting for beginners and examples of basic variants

Probably every programmer, whether it's a backend, whether it's a frontend, whether it's a game developer, everyone once had to sort something. And mostly pretty often.
In this article, most standard sorting algorithms will be described, their differences and what is the time complexity of the algorithm (in the word "temporary" letter a).
Basics of sorting for beginners and examples of basic variants complexity
By th...

The game with ormatas

I suggest you play the game. I give you a square grid on which some cells are painted over, and some may remain empty. We will call it a "template". For example, a grid can be one of these templates:
The game with ormatas
You have a stack of transparent plastic sheets, in size and shape matching the mesh, on which the patterns from the black dots are painted:

It is worth noting that in each of these patterns exactly three points, one point in each row and column. The six combinations shown are the only 3 × 3 meshes that have this property.
Your task is to collect a subset of transparent sheets and apply them to the template so that the points close all the filled squares, but do not fall into any of the empty ones. You can apply several points to any of the filled ...

"Tutor: mathematics" to prepare for the exam and VPR - from the idea to the release. Story about the unique educational project