R means regression

Statistics recently received a powerful PR support from more new and noisy disciplines -
Machine Learning
Big Data
. Those who seek to saddle this wave will be friends with
regression equations
. It is advisable to not only learn 2-3 examiners and pass the exam, but also be able to solve problems from everyday life: find the relationship between the variables, and ideally - be able to distinguish the signal from noise.
R means regression
For this purpose, we will use the programming language and development environment
, which can not be better adapted to such problems. At the same time, let's check what the rating of Khabrapost depends on statistics of own articles.
Beginners Guide to Regression Analysis and Plot Interpretations
Methods of correlation and regression analysis
Kobzar AI
Applied mathematical statistics. - Moscow: Fizmatlit, 2006.
William H. Green
Econometric Analysis
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