Dragon Bones: create a 2D character and skeletal, mesh-animation

Dragon Bones: create a 2D character and skeletal, mesh-animationGood afternoon, reader! In this article, we'll look at the roadmap that the typical character of our debut Kidarian Adventures play. It, by the way, recently entered the world release on ios and android platforms. I will demonstrate my usual structure of work, however, I will focus on creating animations in Dragon Bones, I will attach explanations and self-described video tutorials. of. site.
Unfortunately now the community of this software is not too broad, and even in English there are not many tutorials, basically all the information in Chinese.
The first step that should be done is ...

Data exchange in distributed networks

In decentralized networks, processing data is much more difficult than in centralized ones. In addition, technical schools and universities teach, mainly, the programming of client-server systems. Therefore p2p-programmers are orders of magnitude smaller than programmers of client-server systems.
By this article, I decided to partially fill the gap by listing the eight distributed technologies known to me: the first three describe ways of distribution (distribution) of data over the network, others 5 explain distribution methods (separation) of data.
Data exchange in distributed networks ...