Microsoft breaks away from Amazon in revenue from cloud services

The second year, Microsoft retains the title of the largest cloud service in the world. She is Amazon has overtaken in 2017. , and this year the gap has increased even more. Revenue of the Redmond company in the III quarter. 2018 was $ 8.5 billion. Microsoft ahead over the past 12 months: 3r336. $ 26.7 billion versus $ 23.4 billion dollars
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“Grocers, retailers, online marketers, delivery companies, and now pharmacy /medical companies face fierce competition from the shattered Amazon armored vehicle — so why would any company in any of these industries voluntarily subsidize a rival Amazon by choosing AWS subsidiary in as your cloud computing provider? ”, - 3r312. asking question
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Microsoft Financial Report :
3r340. Azure revenue increased by 76%;
3r340. Dynamics 365: an increase of up to 51% in the SaaS segment;
3r340. Dynamics 365 revenue is expected to reach $ ??? billion for the fiscal year.
Satya Nadella also hints at Azure’s competitive advantage over AWS. In his introductory speech during the presentation of financial results for the last quarter, he said: “Our cloud platforms and tools allow customers to build high-load platforms while solving complex issues related to trust - both trust in technology and trust that they have a partner whose business model fits their success. No customer wants to depend on a supplier who sells technology to them on one side and competes with them on the other ". 3r350.  
However, can anyone call a yard AWS financial results a yard: the annual growth of 46% for a business with a turnover of $ 20 billion is also phenomenal.
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