Azure Day Conference in Moscow

Azure Day is an annual conference hosted by the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) community. The main idea of ​​Azure Day is to share with the IT community the latest and most valuable information about the Azure cloud. Reports will be presented by development and business solutions gurus - MVP, who work daily with Microsoft technologies, Microsoft experts from Europe and Russia.
Azure Day Conference in Moscow 3r311. 3r350.
Azure Day is without exaggeration a rare opportunity to learn about how Azure is developing, to ask questions to those directly connected with the development of this direction. Azure at fingertips!

We invite IT professionals and business executives to the event.
The program: 3r332.
Deep immersion in development using Azure services: bots, databases, IoT, AI /ML
Overview and examples of working with Azure infrastructure: virtual machines, networks, DevOps, security
Examples of optimizing and building business processes using Microsoft technologies: Office 36? Dynamics, Power BI.
Details and registration on the event website - 3r349.

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