Microsoft's new Edge browser will support Chrome

Microsoft's new Edge browser will support Chromeextensions. 3r3633. 3r3-31. will makeits new browser Edge, based on Chromium, compatible with Chrome extensions. This feature will greatly enhance the functionality of Edge, although on the other hand, it will leave browser users vulnerable to malicious extensions, which are also quite a few. 3r350.  3r3633. 3r350.  3r3633. Not so long ago, Microsoft announced its intention to rebuild Microsoft Edge to make it more convenient and safe for users. The solution to this problem was somewhat unexpected - it was announced that the updated Edge would be based on Chromium. Immediately after this announcement...
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Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Edge is moving to the Chromium

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Edge is moving to the Chromiumengine. 3r3-31. appeared a few days ago. rumors Microsoft is developing a Chromium based browser that will be shipped by default instead of Edge. The reason was that Microsoft employees suddenly began committing to a free project. Now Microsoft is officially stated 3r3433. that really abandons its own EdgeHTML engine in favor of Chromium in the desktop version of the browser.  For web developers, this is a big relief: when testing with one engine, it will be less, and a bunch of original IE /Edge features will become history. However, according to Mozilla, this decision of colleagues from Microsoft ...
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FIDO2 - Passwords must die

I think all of you have repeatedly heard about the fact that "passwords are dead", "passwords are dying out", "new technology will kill passwords" and the like.
We in FIDO Alliance just came to inform you that passwords will still die out in authentication.
FIDO U2F about which I wrote earlier .
FIDO2 - Passwords must die  
That is, the authentication script with U2F is as follows:

The registration is:

- The user registers using a user name (can be better changed to a password, and then user-user?) And password
- The server hashes the password using scrypt, argon? bcrypt and stores in the database
- T...[/h]
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The Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) mechanism is an example of Microsoft Edge

The Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) mechanism is an example of Microsoft EdgeDisclaimer [/b]
This publication is a translation of part of document "Bypassing Mitigations by Attacking JIT Server in Microsoft Edge" from Ivan Fratric (Google Project Zero). The part that contains the description of the ACG mechanism and its application in the Microsoft Edge browser is translated. Beyond this translation, there is a more detailed description of the inside of the JIT in the Chakra (Microsoft Edge jаvascript Engine) and the vectors of the attack on it (describing the vulnerabilities found corrected by the time the document was published).
By the nature of my professional ...
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