How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler

You can of course take third-party utilities, such as some kind of open-source ILSpy, save the assembly to disk and then decompile.
3r3333. How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler
But you just want to connect to the database and see all the assemblies and what's inside.
And besides, there are a lot of high-quality Opensource components for all cases of programmer life, and writing in C # is convenient and easy :)
So /
Nuget package
3r3333. 3r3334.

We read from the base all assemblies

SqlDataReader, SQL query trivial: 3r-3248.  
3r33232. SELECT,
FROM sys.assemblies ...[/h]
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This post is with reports and video on MS SQL Server

In June we conducted a MIT on Microsoft SQL Server - speakers from Yandex.Money, Kaspersky Lab, AwaraIT and SpbDev shared their experience with colleagues. And now upload the video to the public.
Under each video - timecodes of key places, but we advise you to watch, listen and listen whole.
Data-driven subscriptions in SSRS

for activities , learn SQL and subscribe to our habablog.
Only registered users can participate in the survey. Enter , you are welcome.
World Championship in DBMS. What are the best?
MS ...
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Version control inside SQL Server'a

Version control inside SQL Server'a Julia : So, who changed my procedure yesterday?
Lyosha : not I
Maxim : not I
- Guys, can Git get?
Серёжа : It is high time!
2 weeks have passed
Julia : Rebyyayat?
- Yul, and you did not commit?
Julia : damn no ( .
That's how it all began. Well and what, each character and each line to commit?
And maybe all this will happen by itself?) At this moment
begin to come to mind.  
DDL triggers ...
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RabbitMQ - SQL Server

RabbitMQ - SQL ServerA week or two ago I saw message on the forum RabbitMQ Users , on how to send messages from SQL Server to RabbitMQ. As we work closely with this in Derivco , I left some suggestions there, and also said that I write in a blog about how it can be done. Part of my message was not quite true - at least until this moment (sorry, Bro, was very busy).
Awesome thing, this is your SQL Server . With its help, it is very easy to put information into the database. Getting data from the database using a query is just as easy. But getting the newly updated or pasted data is ...
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Unit testing of database scripts

Unit testing of database scriptsTaking the convenience of using a unit of tests on my favorite C ++, I tried to transfer my experience to TSQL, especially since the new employer likes a useful initiative on the ground and distributes buns for it.
I looked several known frameworks I came to the conclusion that, as a rule, they are cumbersome and bring additional syntax, which must be studied additionally.
Some frameworks work beautifully and please the eyes of the manager who is shown to them, but they have a number of limitations that I did not like.
I also wanted to implement everything on a pure kosher-halal-orthodox ...
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ThinkingHome.Migrator - version migration of the database schema on the. NET Core

ThinkingHome.Migrator - version migration of the database schema on the. NET Coreplatform.Hello! Today I released a new version of ThinkingHome.Migrator - a tool for the versioned migration of the database schema to the .NET Core platform.  Packages are published in NuGet , written detailed documentation . You can already use a new migrator, and I'll tell you how it came about, why it has version number ??? (although this is the first release) and why it is needed when there is EF Migrations and FluentMigrator . Migrator.NET . The migrant proposed a new idea for that time - to set changes to the database as migrations. Each migration contains a small ...
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Go through NULL

Many people know and use the built-in function ISNULL (X, Y), which replaces the first argument with the second argument if it is (first) NULL. Less useful is the inverse built-in function NULLIF (X, Y), which returns NULL if the first argument is equal to the second argument. The combination of these two functions avoids the use of IF-ELSE or CASE-WHEN constructions, which makes the code more compact. If it's interesting to see a couple of examples - welcome to the cat.
For example, here is the code that outputs 10 random integers in the range from 1 to 3? and the nearest value to the output ...
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How to copy data sources to the IDE on the IntelliJ

How to copy data sources to the IDE on the IntelliJplatform.Hello! In this tutorial, consider a few popular scenarios.  - Copying the data source within a single project. - A common data source for different projects within the same IDE. - Copy the data source to another IDE, to another computer, to another galaxy.  export settings . But you do not always want to transfer all the settings, and the data sources - global ones, too, are not always :)  So it will be useful to know that the data source can be copied: on the shortcut menu, selectDatabase tools → Copy data source to clipboard. This will work with several at once.    The clipboard gets the ...
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[Перевод]Handling errors and transactions in SQL Server. Part 1. Error handling - quick start

Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of article "Error and Transaction Handling in SQL Server. Part One - Jumpstart Error Handling » by Erland Sommarskog.

1. Introduction

This article is the first in a series of three articles devoted to error handling and transactions in SQL Server. Its goal is to give you a quick start in the topic of error handling, showing a basic example that fits most of your code. This part is written in reference to an inexperienced reader, and for this reason I deliberately keep silent about many details. At the moment, the task is to ...[/h]
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Decoding of saved passwords in MS SQL Server

Decoding of saved passwords in MS SQL ServerLong ago, in a remote galaxy, the previous administrator of your SQL Server set the linked server in it, using a specially created account with a generated password for this purpose. Now you need to do something with this link, for example, transfer it to another SQL Server; but just do not do it, because nobody knows the password from that account. Common situation?
Although MSSQL does not store passwords for its accounts, and only stores their hashes, it will not work with linked servers, because you need to have an open password before you can successfully authenticate to an external server...
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