As I wrote the snake on F # and the model of actors

What is this all about?
I'll talk about how to build a model of actors using MailboxProcessor from the standard library, at what points to pay attention and on what pitfalls you can expect.

I do not claim the truth in the last resort. The code written here is not perfect, it can violate some principles and can be written better. But if you are new and want to deal with mailboxes, I hope this article will help you.


If you know everything about mailboxes and without me - you can be bored here.


Why actors?


For the sake of practice. I read about the model of actors, watched the video, I liked everything, but I did not try it myself. Now I tried it.


Despite the fact that, in fact, chose technology for the sake of technology, the concept very successfully fell on this task.


Why MailboxProcessor, and not, for example,


For my task the acka is from the orbital station by sparrows, MailboxProcessor it's much simpler, and it's included in the standard library, so you do not need to connect any packages.
Introduction to Mailboxes
The sources of the mailbox for the most curious

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