Online implementation of localStorage

I want to share with you how private mode Safari led to the development of a simple storage key-value on Node.js with backup, access to data from certain domains and password protection from writing and cleaning the repository.
Online implementation of localStorage
It all started with the fact that I was given the task to implement a test order in a web application that is built-in via iframe in one popular resource.
The problem was solved and worked as follows:
an unauthorized user clicks on the store (link "_blank");
In a new window, the test items are displayed, and in the iframe we redirect the user to the profile of ...

Java 9 - Have you already switched? No? Do not need !?

About two weeks ago InfoQ recalled , that the official support for Java 9 ends in March 2018. (i.e., in 20 days :)
Here is the link on the official EOL from Oracle, in which in the section "Java SE Public Updates" black in English says that
Java 9
will be supported
until March 2018
, and
Java 8
until January 2019
(or later) and December 2020 (or later).
how Oracle works from within .
Oracle does not plan to migrate desktops from Java 8 to later versions via the auto update feature...

Webpack 4 and code splitting

February 2? 2018 released the release of webpack ??? (and to date, ???). One of the useful and relatively new features webpack - code splitting , transferred to the new version of the plug-ins into the main configuration. With almost no documentation, how now it is necessary to configure code splitting in version 4 - I was a little shocked, but still tried to gather information in order to start working with the new version at least. I hope that after a while there will be extensive tutorials and articles. In the meantime, I hasten to make notes on the information found, so as not to lose ...

Rolling Scopes Conference 2018: Woodstock for the front-end developer

As it turned out, at the legendary rock festival and the developers conference, the components of success are about the same - a cool idea, cool content and a special atmosphere of unity. In mid-February, the 4th Conference of jаvascript Community and Frontend Developers was held in Minsk. Here they did not beat the guitars about the stage, but they "lit" it to the full. Let's roll!
Rolling Scopes Conference 2018: Woodstock for the front-end developer RS school , training in which only in 2017 were about 500 people.



A compiler bug? Linker? No, the Windows

A compiler bug? Linker? No, the Windowskernel bug. Heisenbagh is the worst thing that can happen. In the study below, which was stretched to 20 months , we have already reached the point where we started looking for hardware problems, errors in compilers, linkers, and doing other things that should be done at the very last. Normally, you do not need to translate arrows like this (the bug is most likely in your code), but in this case, on the contrary, we did not have the globality of the vision of the problem. Yes, we did find a bug in the linker, but apart from it we also found a bug in the Windows kernel.  In September 2016 we became ...

Optimistic UI, CQRS and EventSourcing

Optimistic UI, CQRS and EventSourcing
When developing highly loaded web applications for better scaling, a principle such as CQRS is often used. It says that the method must be either a command that performs an action, or a query that returns data, but not both. In other words, the question to the system should not change the answer. More formally, the return value can only be clean, with no side effects methods.
But for a good scaling of the API separation, read /write is not enough. It is necessary to separate the databases with which this API works. Here EventSourcing comes to our aid. He suggests that we store all the events of the ...