In the Linux kernel, the word fuck was replaced by hug

In the Linux kernel, the word fuck was replaced by hug After solutions Linus Torvalds on the temporary withdrawal from the project in September 201? the Board of Directors of the Linux Foundation 3r-370. adopted 3r360. A new code of conduct for Linux kernel developers - the Code of Conduct (CoC), to "solve discrimination problems and improve the emotional environment among developers."
The new rules had many supporters, but also detractors, who were not at all attracted by the idea of ​​such “benevolence”, appeared. Hot debates flared up. On November 3? these disputes reached a new level, because one of the authoritative developers Jarkko Sakkinen from Intel began to apply the code of conduct in practice - and 3r-321. fixed a few comments in the kernel code 3r360. by replacing the word fuck (multi-valued word) with hug (“hugging”).
15 patches 3r360. , replacing the comments that various developers have left in the code for many years.
The result was
rather strange and difficult to translate pearls
like these:
3r3334. “IOC3 is hugging hugged beyond belief”,
“Only Sun can take such a bit of beauty and take up the programming interface like this. Good job guys ”,
“Hugging broken ABI”,
“Avoid hugging up the memory controller (somehow)”,
“Hug, we are miserable poor guys ” [/i]
Several developers commented on the changes, calling them "insane." One suggested that Sakkinen was trying to make a joke, while the other called it censorship and said that he would refuse to apply any patches like this to the code for which he was responsible. Another author said that he does not object to the changes, but some comments are difficult to understand now. This opinion was joined by another author from the Netherlands: he said that after the replacement, the comments became difficult to understand for non-native speakers of the English language (before everything was very clear).
The changes affected only 33 lines from 3r3359. over 3.3 million comment lines 3r360. in the linux kernel. I wonder what other words will be removed from the Linux kernel as part of an anti-discrimination campaign and what other changes are coming. Probably, on the mailing list, we no longer read Linus Torvalds' colorful sayings.
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