The owner of the MIPS architecture is going to open a set of its teams (ISA) in 2019

The owner of the MIPS architecture is going to open a set of its teams (ISA) in 2019 3r3391.  
Company Wave Computing December 1? 2018 3-33365. reported r3r394. about starting the program 3r361. MIPS Open
in the framework of which participants will get free access to the latest MIPS instruction sets of bit 32 and 64 (MIPS instruction set architecture (ISA)) (the teams and additions themselves, see their website for more details). Also, participants in the program will receive licenses for patents held by the company (for a fee or free of charge - it is not clear yet). The MIPS Open program will be managed by Wave Computing and the advisory board, which is supposed to include equipment manufacturers, partners, universities, and stars of science. MIPS Architecture , which was quite popular before and retains significant importance today. Apparently, the owners of the MIPS architecture were afraid of oblivion because of the spread of paid ARM on the one hand, and free RISC-V (RISC-five) on the other. 3r3391.  
It should be noted that while declarations of intent have sounded, the commitment is expected later. Clarification of this issue should be expected in the first quarter of 2019. 3r3391.  
The company Wave Computing announced the acquisition of the company 3r377. MIPS Technologies
June 1? 2018 in his press release . Wave Computing announces its focus on AI, ML, Deep Learning, etc. (in general, collected fashionable themes). 3r3391.  
Looking around you, the reader can find one or more devices on the MIPS architecture. In Russia, there are quite a few developments that use it. 3r3391.  
Part messages about the sale of MIPS Technologies on the iXBT website worth giving here:
Note that the deal did not come as a surprise, since Wave Computing CEO Derek Meyer (Derek Meyer) was once the vice-president of sales and marketing of MIPS; Mike Uhler, Operations Vice President, Wave Computing, was previously the Technical Director of MIPS; and Darren Jones (Darren Jones), vice president of engineering engineering for Wave Computing, previously led the same direction at MIPS. 3r3391.  
3r340. 3r3391.  
Addition: 3r3391.  
According to whois, owns Imagination Technologies, Inc., California, US, created by Creation Date: 2018-12-11. It seems that the final product will be the integration of the MIPS + GPGPU core CPU cores PowerVR + spetssoft. 3r3391.  
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3r3391. 3r3391.  
MIPS (architecture) 3r3391. 3r3391. 3r3391. 3r33939. 3r3391.  
Former vice president of Sun and DEC became president of MIPS /Wave, talks about Russia and RISC /V 3r-394. 3r3391.  
Live reporting from the birth of a major player in hardware AI, which accelerates TensorFlow and competes with NVidia
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