Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum forming

Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum formingHow to show investors a beautiful robot? Develop a beautiful body. How to do it while there is no investment? I tried to briefly describe my path. We develop Golf Ball Robot at the driving range . 3r3208. Without a beautiful body is very difficult to explain how the robot will look. [/b] In this article I will tell you how for 24000 rub. get a case of 1000mm x 800mm x 250mm, as well as what kind of rake we collected along the way. Perhaps this will help you avoid our mistakes.
casting under pressure , but the cost of making molds is a huge barrier for a startup...
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Theory of Sharding

Theory of Sharding 3r31423. 3r3-31. It seems that we have plunged so deeply into the jungle of highload development that we simply do not think about basic problems. Take sharding, for example. What to understand in it, if you can write conditionally shards = n in the database settings, and everything will be done by itself. So, he is like that, but if, rather, when something goes wrong, the resources really start to be missed, I would like to understand what the reason is and how to fix it.
 3r31423. In short, if you contribute your alternative implementation of hashing in Cassandra, then there are hardly ...
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React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components

React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components 3r33411. 3r3-31. In one of our previous r3r32. materials 3r33399. we asked you a question about whether it is advisable to do on the basis of of this course on React a series of traditional publications. You supported our idea. Therefore, today we present to your attention the continuation of the course. Here we talk about the functional components. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r311. 3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.
3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.

Lesson 6: Functional Components

3r33393.  3r33411. →
3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. At the previous practical ...[/h]
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New legislative initiatives to protect information

New legislative initiatives to protect information  
Last week, three bills were introduced to the State Duma aimed at amending Federal Law No. 149-ФЗ dated July 2? 2006 “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. These bills are likely to be considered at the spring session of the State Duma. I suggest to get acquainted with their content today.
Full texts of the bills can be found at:
1. 3r312.
The first draft ...
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Snom D725 IP Phone Review

Snom D725 IP Phone Review 3r3108.
We continue a series of articles with reviews of multifunctional office IP-phones by Snom. This time the story will be about the model D72? relating to the average price segment.

Features model

The ergonomic keyboard has all the main keys to control the phone and calls. In addition to them, there is also a block of eighteen additional function keys, thanks to which the D725 has turned out to be a little more than the younger models in the D7xx lineup, and it is no longer inferior in size to the older ones.
The display is monochrome, with adjustable brightness. It is only slightly larger than the youngest models. Recall that in the D7xx line, the angle of inclination of the display can be ...[/h]
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How paid CMS helps save on ordering SEO

How paid CMS helps save on ordering SEO 
3r3-31. In this article I will talk about why we offer our customers who have ordered the development of the site to create it on a paid CMS. And at the same time I will reveal the logic of CMS participation in the formation of the total cost of search engine promotion.
Initially, I wanted to describe specific products, make something like a pivot table, reveal the average score of “preference for SEO” But while I studied the question I found out that the fundamental difference is only between paid and free products, and within these two large groups the differences are no longer so significant.
In ad...
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A guide to gifts for the New Year

 3r33400. 3r3-31. A guide to gifts for the New Year 3r33333. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33338. 3r314. Search tracker Chipolo Plus
3r33333. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. Chipolo Keychain is a gadget that helps you quickly find lost items. For example, the keys left in another pocket, a purse forgotten in a cafe, a bag piled with a pile of clothes. Chipolo is attached to the thing that risks being lost, and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Chipolo application is installed on the smartphone. Press the button in the application, in response, the keychain will emit a piercing trill of 100 dB volume. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. Bluetooth has its limits, in the case of Chipolo, the "zone of visibility" is 60 meters...
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Ten things you can do with GraalVM

Ten things you can do with GraalVM  
From the translator: GraalVM is a new, interesting technology, but on Habré there are not many articles on it that could show examples of the possibilities of Graal. The article below is not just a listing of what GraalVM can do, but also a small workshop similar to the one that Chris Seaton and Oleg Shelayev conducted on Oracle CodeOne 2018. Following the author, I urge you - try to make examples from the article, this is really interesting.
In GraalVM there are many different things, and if you heard this name before, or even saw reports, there are still many things that you probably don’t know ...
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The owner of the MIPS architecture is going to open a set of its teams (ISA) in 2019

The owner of the MIPS architecture is going to open a set of its teams (ISA) in 2019 3r3391.  
Company Wave Computing December 1? 2018 3-33365. reported r3r394. about starting the program 3r361. MIPS Open
in the framework of which participants will get free access to the latest MIPS instruction sets of bit 32 and 64 (MIPS instruction set architecture (ISA)) (the teams and additions themselves, see their website for more details). Also, participants in the program will receive licenses for patents held by the company (for a fee or free of charge - it is not clear yet). The MIPS Open program will be managed by Wave Computing and the advisory board, which is supposed to include ...
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Simplifying build builds in Unity3D

Most recently, I realized that with the increasing number of finished projects, more and more time has to be devoted to building builds. It cannot be said that the unit somehow complicates this process, but certainly does not simplify it. Especially when each project is built for several platforms and even in different configurations. In principle, the problem is not new and has many different solutions. But for a number of reasons I stopped at writing my own plugin.
It looks like this:
Simplifying build builds in Unity3D
And why, why, where to get and how to use, I will tell below.
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