Can train with reinforcements agent for trading in the stock market? Implementation in the language of R

Can train with reinforcements agent for trading in the stock market? Implementation in the language of R 3r33737. 3r3-31. Let's create a prototype learning agent with reinforcements (RL) that will master the skill of trading.
 3r33737. Given that the implementation of the prototype works in the R language, I urge R users and programmers to come closer to the ideas presented in this material.
 3r33737. This is a translation of my English article: Can Reinforcement Learning Trade Stock? Implementation in R.
 3r33737. I want to warn code hunters that in this note there is only a neural network code adapted for R.
 3r33737. If I did not distinguish ...
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Docker Remote API with certificate authentication with revocation checking

Problem Description
For the needs of remote control of Docker, Docker can provide web API.
This API can either not require authentication at all (which is highly discouraged), or use certificate authentication.
The problem is that native certificate authentication does not provide for certificate revocation checking. And this can have serious consequences.
I want to tell how I solved this problem.
Solution of the problem 3r3203.
First you need to say what to say, I will be about Docker for Windows. Maybe Linux is not so bad, but now is not about that.
What we have? We have ...
.NET / C# / DevOps
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Why consumers are not afraid of identity theft

Why consumers are not afraid of identity theft  
In 195? mathematician Leonard Savage published a paper on how people process information during decision making. The main axiom, which Savidge operated on, is the sure thing principle, the “principle of inevitability”. According to her, in the decision-making process, consumers consider many different inputs. They mentally evaluate and discard those data that are important, but not enough to change the already made decision.
As an example, Savage cited the desire to buy real estate. The potential buyer believes that prior deliberation will significantly affect the final result. However...
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Dell goes to the exchange and heads for a hybrid cloud

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Google News and Leo Tolstoy: Visualizing Vector Representations of Words with t-SNE

Google News and Leo Tolstoy: Visualizing Vector Representations of Words with t-SNE  3r33333.
 3r33333. Each of us perceives the texts in his own way, be it news on the Internet, poetry or classic novels. The same applies to algorithms and methods of machine learning, which, as a rule, perceive texts in mathematical form, in the form of a multidimensional vector space.
 3r33333. The article is devoted to the visualization of multidimensional vector representations of words using t-SNE calculated Word2Vec. Visualization will allow you to more fully understand how Word2Vec works and how to interpret the relationship between word vectors before using them further in neural networks ...
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Five principles of product design in Booking

Five principles of product design in BookingSenior UX-designer shared at a 3-3r34 product marketing conference. Epic Growth Conference
the philosophy and the main principles of product design that guide the Booking-e.
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Go yourself on or the rules of communication in the team

 3r3176. 3r3-31.
Post-response to article 3r3164. 3r3161.  3r3176.
If I followed the advice from this article, it would be enough for me to show emotion and tell the author "Go yourself on you don't understand anything!". :)
3r3161.  3r3176.
However, this would not help to convey my point. So let's take a closer look. 3r3164. 3r314. 3r3161.  3r3176. 3r318. Quotation 1:
3r3161.  3r3176. 3r3105. If a person is incompetent, it is necessary to give him a clear understanding of this, and not to take care of his tender feelings to the detriment of everything ...
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Functional thinking. Part 6

3r33630. We continue our series of articles on functional F # programming. Today we will talk about the associativity and composition of functions, as well as compare the composition and the pipeline. Look under the cat!
3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33630. Functional thinking. Part 6 3r33535.  3r33655. 3r3599.  3r33655. 3r3618.
The first part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The second part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
Third part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
3r3338. Fourth part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The fifth part is 3r3647.

3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33548. Associativity and composition of functions 3r33549. 3r33535.  3r33655...
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Quintet instead of

Quintet instead ofbyte.A quintet is a way to record atomic data fragments with an indication of their role in our life. Quintets can describe any data, each of which contains comprehensive information about themselves and about the links with other quintets. It represents subject terms, regardless of the platform used. Its task is to simplify data storage and improve the visibility of their presentation. 3r33360.  3r33360.   3r33360.  3r33360.  IT-specialists for generations are accustomed to think in terms of computer architecture, laid down at the end of the first half of the last century. This has led to a tremendous ...
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Why I do not believe microbench marks

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