Javascript frameworks: 2019 trends

Javascript frameworks: 2019 trends We present you a translation of the article by Nwose Lotanna, which was published on . There are collections of the best frameworks and information useful for both beginners and experienced professionals.
 3r33333. The next report from State of JS and our forecast for the new year is here!
 3r33333. Let's take a look at the amazing development path, perfect jаvascript in the outgoing year and reflected in the opinions of more than 20 thousand web developers from around the world. We will see which jаvascript frameworks for front-end development, data ...
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Gocritic journey into the past

 3r31243. 3r3-31. 3r31230. Gocritic journey into the past stories of some major Go projects for the purpose of finding commits that corrected errors with their subsequent formalization for detection if they appear in a new code. 3r31231. 3r31228.  3r31243. 3r31230. In the second part of the article we will look at some new diagnostics in r3r316. go-critic 3r31222. which allow to find a code which with a high degree of probability contains an error. 3r31231. pre-commit hook therefore, such broken revisions sometimes fall into the master branch. 3r31231. 3r31228.  3r31243.
Historical e...
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Go lintpack: composable linker manager

 3r3757. 3r3-31. 3r33744. Go lintpack: composable linker manager lintpack
Is a utility for building linters (static analyzers) that are written using the provided API. On the basis of it, the static analyzer
? familiar to some, is now being rewritten. go-critic
. 3r33737. 3r3742.  3r3757. 3r33744. Today, we will examine in more detail what is. lintpack from the user's point of view. 3r33737. go-critic It began as a pilot project that was a sandbox for prototyping virtually any static analysis idea for Go. 3r33737. 3r3742.  3r3757. 3r33744. It was a pleasant surprise that some people actually sent implementations of detectors of ...
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Control the consistency of the code in Go

Control the consistency of the code in Go 3r3644. 3r3661.  
If you consider the consistency of an important part of a quality code - this article is for you. 3r3644. 3r3661.  
Waiting for you:
Different ways of doing the same thing in Go (equivalent operations) 3r3658.  
Less obvious factors affecting the uniformity of your
Ways to increase the consistency of your project
3r3660. gocritic . 3r3644. 3r3661.  
Check for entry into the range
In math (and some programming languages, but not in Go) you could describe the range as 3r3668. low < x < high . Source code that will express this restriction ...
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Data of the high genus

Data of the high genus 3r3-3589. 3r3-31. Yes, yes, you have not dreamed, and you have not misheard - it is a high kind. A gender (3r33535. Kind 3r33565.) Is a term in category theory, meaning essentially the type of type[данных]. 3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. But first, some lyrics. 3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. On Habré several articles appeared, which described in detail the method of validation of data in functional languages. 3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. This article - my five cents in this HYIP. We will look at data validation in Haskell. 3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. 3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. 3r33333. Validation Type
3r? 3572.  3r3-3589. An example of a validation ...
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Architecture as a burden

3r3142. During my career I have worked with different legacy projects, each of which suffered from various flaws.
3r3142. Of course, often the main problem was the low quality of the software (lack of modular tests, refusal to use the principles of clean code ), but there were also difficulties, which originated from architectural decisions taken at the beginning of the project or even during the inception of the corporate system. In my opinion, this class of problems is the cause of the greatest pain for many projects.
3r3142. In essence, improving code is a fairly simple ...
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Better way To Code

Better way To Code 3r3952. 3r3-31. 3r33897. From the translator:
 3r3952. I am neither a professional programmer nor a professional translator, but the appearance of the tool described in the article from the creator of the popular library 3r3r61. D3.js made a strong impression on me. 3r340940.  3r3952. 3r340940.  3r3952. I was surprised to find that on Habré, and indeed in the Russian-language Internet, more than a year unfairly ignore this tool. Therefore, I decided that I simply had to contribute to the development of the art of programming, in jаvascript in particular. 3r340940.  3r3952. [/i] 3r340940.  3r3952...
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Elegant objects

3r3-31. 3r3193. Object-oriented programming is probably the most popular paradigm of all currently existing. In the tops of popular languages, object-oriented languages ​​are leading, that is, Java, C #, Python, C ++. Everything seems to be cool, there are objects, there are classes, and life blooms with other colors. However, why sometimes it seems that we simply bind the procedure to some class? Are we doing something wrong? 3r3194.
The crux of the problem
3r3193. Suppose we had a
procedure. print (String arg) 3r3174. which displayed the value passed to it. And we ...
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The Windows problem is not in the frequency of updates, but in the

The Windows problem is not in the frequency of updates, but in thedevelopment process. 3r31616. 3r3-31. Glitch updates point to a deeper problem. 3r3404.  3r31616. 3r3404.  3r31616. Windows 10 at a presentation in Tokyo, July 201?3r33336. 3r3404.  3r31616. 3r3404.  3r31616. Obviously, the Windows update of October 1? 2018 was not the most successful. quickly appeared. file loss reports on computers, and Microsoft has suspended the distribution of updates. Since bug fixed , Now there is a testing of a new update before its re-release. 3r3404.  3r31616. 3r3404.  3r31616. This is not the first Windows update to encounter problems - in previous updates we have seen ...
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Writing your own workable OS for half a year

 3r3178. 3r3-31. Writing your own workable OS for half a year 3r3398.  3r3178. 3r3398.  3r3178. 3r33939. Prehistory
3r3398.  3r3178. Hello! I strongly welcome everyone, today I would like to tell you about my experience in writing a workable OS for the x86 architecture. 3r3398.  3r3178. One spring night I had a brilliant idea - try yourself in writing your own OS, which can allow you to run programs, work with devices, and generally squeeze all the power out of Intel's architecture in your needs: for example, for your factory or something else. My goal was and is to write such an OS that could allow maximum performance for some specific tasks without ...
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