Migrating a non-downgrade database schema for postgresql using the example of django

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Introduction 3r31473. 3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. Hi, Habr!
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I want to share the experience of writing migrations for postgres and django. This is mainly about postgres, django is a good complement here, since it automatically migrates the data schema for model changes out of the box, that is, has a fairly complete list of work operations for changing the schema. Django can be replaced with any favorite framework /library - approaches are likely to be similar.
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I will not describe how I came to this, but now, reading ...
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Poststressing stat without nerves and strains

Poststressing stat without nerves and strainsA couple of years ago, trying to figure out another problem in the performance of postgrass, I had to dig into the postsurgical statistics. Digging into the views and functions, I found myself thinking that working with what is defaulted is quite inconvenient.
And in fact, in postgres is a pretty large pile of metrics, all of them are presented in the form of representations and functions. On the one hand it's very convenient, wrote SELECT and got the data. On the other hand, such a periodical writer is slightly tiring.
At the same time, I needed to not just look at some status one-time...
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We invite you to Voronezh Game Dev Meetup

We invite you to Voronezh Game Dev Meetup October 17 in the Voronezh office Mail.Ru Group will be held a game development mitap. The developers of Mail.Ru Group will tell you about the interesting methods and tools they have worked with, and you will have time to discuss all the presentations and share experiences.
Participation is free, registration is required.

Program of the meeting

"The experience of migrating highly loaded game projects from MySQL to PostgreSQL"
Mark Lokshin, programmer Mail.Ru Group
Mark will talk about his experience ...[/h]
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Materials from the meeting # RuPostgres - videos, presentations, analysis of the quiz and photo report

On September 1? Avto hosted a mip-up, where we talked about scaling applications on PostgreSQL. Today I want to share materials with him - videos, presentations from speakers, show photos. Also under the cut I publish the analysis of questions the quiz , which we conducted here on Habr, in front of the Mitap. And I tell you about my impressions from the meeting.
Materials from the meeting # RuPostgres - videos, presentations, analysis of the quiz and photo report ...
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Parallelism in PostgreSQL: not spherical, not horse, not in vacuum

Parallelism in PostgreSQL: not spherical, not horse, not in vacuum  
Scaling DBMS is a continuously advancing future. DBMS is improved and better scaled on hardware platforms, and the hardware platforms themselves increase productivity, the number of cores, memory - Achilles catches up with the tortoise, but still has not caught up. The problem of scaling DBMS is in full growth.
The company Postgres Professional with the problem of scaling had to face not only theoretically, but also practically: with its customers. And more than once. One of these cases will be discussed in this article.
PostgreSQL scales well on NUMA systems if it is a single motherboard with ...
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Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL

Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL
Greetings to all SQL lovers!
On the Internet, I rarely met articles that cover different working moments and subtleties associated with processing data in SQL .
I like it when you can draw a lot from just one article, even in general terms.
Therefore, I decided to write my article, containing various tasks and answers with explanations to them.
Suitable for those who have mastered all basic skills well and want to develop further.
The presented answers are suitable for PostgreSQL ( Most tasks are suitable for other DBMS , But the results and solutions may ...
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Meeting # RuPostgres - quiz and the last call

It remains just a few days before the new meeting #RuPostgres. It will be held this Saturday, September 1? at Avito's office. Let's talk about scaling applications on PostgreSQL. Good news - we have slightly expanded the program, and there are still several free places for listeners. Join . And my colleagues also came up with a mini-quiz dedicated to Postgres. We conduct it online, so everyone can participate. Details under the cut.
Meeting # RuPostgres - quiz and the last call ...
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USE, RED, PgBouncer, its settings and monitoring

USE, RED, PgBouncer, its settings and monitoring
We began to update the monitoring service for PgBouncer in our service and decided to do a little bit of combing. To make everything work, we draw the most well-known monitoring performance methodologies: Brendan Gregg's USE (Utilization, Saturation, Errors) and Tom Wilkie's RED (Requests, Errors, Durations).
Next, you will learn how we are all up there and about the features of the PgBouncer configuration parameters.
First about the methods themselves
Although these methods are quite well-known (about <{full}>

We ...
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Acquaintance with SOCI - C ++ library of access to databases

The library itself is still mature, - the first release on the githaba
dates back to 2004. I was surprised when Habr was searching for
He did not give me a single reference to articles in which
was mentioned.  
about this wonderful library.
supports ORM , through the specialization type_conversion.
there are backends for:
I will not translate the manuals or give here the code from the examples,
but I'll try to adapt (with a change in the structure of the table, and other simplifications)
code from ...
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Oracle vs PostgreSQL. Why choosing Oracle can be a reasonable solution

Reading numerous articles on the hub about the successful migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, an inexperienced reader may have the impression that PostgreSQL is no worse, or even better, Oracle. And the choice is obvious. And Hundreds of thousands of companies that ultimately pay billions of dollars to Oracle just spend money on the wind. But I'll try to disbelieve you, where, where, and in large companies they can count money. And their decisions are by no means erroneous.
The purpose of the article is to generate a grain of doubt in the reader's soul, which is trying to make a choice between ...
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