Forced optimization of PostgreSQL queries

 3r-33199. 3r3-31. What to do when there is a closed source application that does not access the database in the most optimal way? How to pull requests without changing the application, and possibly the database itself? 3r3186.  3r-33199. 3r3186.  3r-33199. If you haven't asked such questions, you are a very successful and strict DBA :)
 3r-33199. Well, if you ask, let me share my suffering and experience. 3r3186.  3r-33199.
3r3186.  3r-33199. 3r3186.  3r-33199.

Need to store more data, or setting a problem

3r3186.  3r-33199. 3r3186.  3r-33199. This section can be safely browsed if the history ...[/h]
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PostgreSQL: PipelineDB - aggregate queries in real time

PostgreSQL: PipelineDB - aggregate queries in real time 
3r3-31. Have you ever been asked to calculate the amount of something based on the data in the database for the last month, grouping the result by some values ​​and breaking it all by day /hour? 3r3408.  
If so, then you already have the idea that you have to write something like this, only worse than 3r3408.  
SELECT hour (datetime), somename, count (*), sum (somemetric)
from table
where datetime>: monthAgo
group by ? 2
order by 1 desc, 2

From time to time, a wide variety of such requests begin to appear, and if you can endure and help once, alas, applications will come ...
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Digest news from the world of PostgreSQL. Issue number 12

 3r3666. 3r3-31. Digest news from the world of PostgreSQL. Issue number 12 We continue to introduce you to the most interesting news on PostgreSQL. 3r3628. 3r33635.  3r3666. 3r33635.  3r3666. 3r33528. Releases
3r33635.  3r3666. 3r? 3596. PostgreSQL ???-333597. 3r33635.  3r3666. Together with this version came out also 10.? ???? ???? ??? and ??? (this is the last release of 9.3). This version has security related changes. Corrected the detected errors. You can read about releases here is and download here is . 3r33635.  3r3666. 3r33635.  3r3666. 3r? 3596. Postgres Pro Standard 11.1.? 10.6.? ???.? ...
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Syntax Highlight PostgreSQL

 3r33333. 3r3-31. I hasten to share the good news: the life of the authors of articles on PostgreSQL and their readers has become a little better. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. As all habropolisters know, a special 3r-3261 tag is used to format the source code.
which highlights the syntax. It is also no secret that the backlighting does not always turn out to be ideal, and then the authors (who cares how their articles look) are forced to engage in amateur performances — color their code with the help of 3r-3261.
. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. Everything was especially sad ...
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Express performance review of PostgreSQL 10.5 in the newest cloud services Yandex. Oblaka

 3r33382. 3r3-31. Just recently, Yandex opened access for beta users to its new service - 3r-32. Yandex.Oblako
. It turned out that this event coincided with the need to choose a cloud platform for one of our internal projects and I decided to immediately test the performance of Yandex solutions.
 3r33382. For the test, I took PostgreSQL and the good old pgbench. The choice of a DBMS fell because it was interesting to test and compare the performance of not only virtual machines, then the managed database services.
 3r33382. Disclaimer: The author is neither a professional admin...
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PostgreSQL 11 has been released

 3r3309. 3r3-31. PostgreSQL 11 has been released  3r3309.
 3r3309. POSTGRESSO special edition, dedicated to the release of the official release of version 11.
 3r3309. Outdoor PostgreSQL holiday. After four, beta came out PostgreSQL 11 General Availability that is the official version. In 3r316. the announcement of
there is even a welcome word Bruce Momjan : “In preparing this release, the community was especially concerned about adding the functionality necessary to work with very large databases. It has been proven that PostgreSQL works well with transactional workloads, and now the new version, PostgreSQL ...
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Migrating a non-downgrade database schema for postgresql using the example of django

 3r31644. 3r3-31.
Introduction 3r31473. 3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. Hi, Habr!
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I want to share the experience of writing migrations for postgres and django. This is mainly about postgres, django is a good complement here, since it automatically migrates the data schema for model changes out of the box, that is, has a fairly complete list of work operations for changing the schema. Django can be replaced with any favorite framework /library - approaches are likely to be similar.
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I will not describe how I came to this, but now, reading ...
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Poststressing stat without nerves and strains

Poststressing stat without nerves and strainsA couple of years ago, trying to figure out another problem in the performance of postgrass, I had to dig into the postsurgical statistics. Digging into the views and functions, I found myself thinking that working with what is defaulted is quite inconvenient.
And in fact, in postgres is a pretty large pile of metrics, all of them are presented in the form of representations and functions. On the one hand it's very convenient, wrote SELECT and got the data. On the other hand, such a periodical writer is slightly tiring.
At the same time, I needed to not just look at some status one-time...
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We invite you to Voronezh Game Dev Meetup

We invite you to Voronezh Game Dev Meetup October 17 in the Voronezh office Mail.Ru Group will be held a game development mitap. The developers of Mail.Ru Group will tell you about the interesting methods and tools they have worked with, and you will have time to discuss all the presentations and share experiences.
Participation is free, registration is required.

Program of the meeting

"The experience of migrating highly loaded game projects from MySQL to PostgreSQL"
Mark Lokshin, programmer Mail.Ru Group
Mark will talk about his experience ...[/h]
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Materials from the meeting # RuPostgres - videos, presentations, analysis of the quiz and photo report

On September 1? Avto hosted a mip-up, where we talked about scaling applications on PostgreSQL. Today I want to share materials with him - videos, presentations from speakers, show photos. Also under the cut I publish the analysis of questions the quiz , which we conducted here on Habr, in front of the Mitap. And I tell you about my impressions from the meeting.
Materials from the meeting # RuPostgres - videos, presentations, analysis of the quiz and photo report ...
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