Toxic Mask

 3r3148. 3r3-31. Toxic Mask
 3r3148. This week's trend presents excerpts from the Wired article about Ilona Mask "Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla's Production Hell » on 12/13/2018.
 3r3148. The article itself is large and useful to read.

 3r3148. The young engineer Tesla was excited. Or rather, delighted. It was Saturday October 201? and he worked at the Gigafactory, the huge Tesla battery factory in Nevada. During the previous year, he lived 13 hours a day, seven days a week. This was his first real job. And now a colleague found him to say that Elon Musk - Elon Musk! - needed his personal ...
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Solving data type problems in Ruby or Make data reliable again

 3r3404. 3r3-31. In this article, I would like to talk about what problems with data types exist in Ruby, what problems I encountered, how they can be solved and how to make the data we work with can be relied upon.
 3r3404. Solving data type problems in Ruby or Make data reliable again
 3r3404. helps to verify this. Rollbar research. where they analyzed more than 1000 Rail applications and identified the most common errors. And 2 out of 10 most frequent errors are connected with the fact that the object cannot respond to a specific message. And therefore, checking the behavior of an object, what duck typing gives us, in many cases may not be enough.
 3r3404. We...
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The State Duma submitted a bill on the autonomous work of the RuNet

3r3-31. The State Duma submitted a bill on the autonomous work of the RuNet 3r3105.  

Source: TASS
Today, the State Duma introduced a bill on the need to ensure the work of the Russian segment of the Internet in case of disconnection from foreign servers. The documents were prepared by a group of deputies headed by Andrei Klishas, ​​head of the committee of the Federation Council on legislation. 3r3105.  
“It creates an opportunity to minimize the transfer abroad of data exchanged between Russian users,” - 3r317. reports
Tass. To this end, points of connection of Russian to foreign networks will be determined. In turn, the owners of points...
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Night light with

Night light withoff. 3r33434.  3r33434.  With the birth of a child there was a question about a nightlight. Somewhere read that it is necessary for a restful sleep. Quickly accustomed to sleep with a dim light. It is very convenient to wake up from screams and howls in the middle of the night and see what the baby is complaining about (if you can understand). Also in dim light, you can soothe, turn over and continue to sleep. 3r33434.  3r33434.  First, a test sample of the lamp was made from a piece of yellow LED strip (12 volts), which was used for 1.5 years. 3r33434.  3r33434.  3r3115. 3r33434.   3r33434.  3r33434...
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The journalists managed to find the passenger of the Waymo robotici, who told about the work of the service

The journalists managed to find the passenger of the Waymo robotici, who told about the work of the service  3r376.
 3r376. A few days ago, an article about the service was published on Habré. Robotaxy Waymo One created by Google. The service seems to have problems in the course of the project. In particular, robomobils did not begin to let onto the roads without human operators in the driver’s seat. In addition, the launch of the service was held in a closed mode - only participants in the beta test of the service can use the robotaxi, for all who wish Waymo is not yet available. In the published material, another problem was voiced - journalists could not get in touch with the passengers of the robotaksi ...
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When TypeScript exceeds JavaScript in speed tests

3r3-31. I am writing this post in response to this where different performance tests are compared, including the same algorithms written in TypeScript and jаvascript. As is known to many, the first when released is translated into the second. TypeScript does not have native support in browsers, it does not have its own engine. Moreover, many of the buns of this language are discarded during transpiling to get pure JS, which can be run in all browsers (if you want, even in Explorer). Good. And now look at the picture. 3r388.  
When TypeScript exceeds JavaScript in speed tests ...
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We study nitrogen lasers - part 2. Longitudinal discharge lasers

We study nitrogen lasers - part 2. Longitudinal discharge lasersIn the last part of We looked at examples of home-made and factory designs of nitrogen lasers with a transverse discharge, and it was this topology that became the most popular for replicating home-craftsmen. And here are its advantages:
Simplicity. As mentioned above, in many cases even the design of an improvised simplest nitrogen laser operating in atmospheric air is fully applicable, even with quite serious scientific work in the laboratory. 3r388.  
A rather serious output pulse energy is tens of millijoules at large installations. 3r388.  
A very short pulse duration, in some ...
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Difficult development of simple devices

 3r3181. 3r3-31. Greetings reader! Today I will tell you a funny story that made me think about the problems that arise when choosing the right components for the implementation of an electronic product that is not (optimally). And also about the seeming simplicity on the example of the “one day” device.
Difficult development of simple devices 3r33177.
 3r3181. We agree that the story is fictional, any coincidences are random or not random.
 3r3181. Once Seryozha, a programmer, approached me with a request to make a device for him in the car that emulates the sequential pressing of 2 virtual buttons when pressing one ...
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SamsPcbGuide, part 8: How to get the correct waveform

SamsPcbGuide, part 8: How to get the correct waveformProbably everyone knows how to use the oscilloscope. It is very easy - you hook the crocodile to the ground, the tip of the probe to the required measurement point, adjust the scale along the vertical and horizontal axes and get a temporary unfolding of the voltage at that point. Yes, this can be done, but only if we take into account a number of factors that will be discussed in this article. And if you do not take into account, then there is a chance that the image obtained on the oscilloscope screen is a useless picture. And the lower its cost, the more likely it is.
3r-33199. 3r3195.  
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