Mikrotik vs Old PC, the problem of choice in a small enterprise

In small enterprises, there is an acute problem of economy in the purchase of equipment, often this issue is resolved by refusing to purchase, if it is possible to make the existing ones work. In this article, I want to share my experience in this matter and highlight the main reasons why many do so.
Mikrotik vs Old PC, the problem of choice in a small enterprise  
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Of course, this is not a technical article, but a collection of my impressions from RoS and RouterBoard. I bought a lot of Mikrotik routers for my company, and so far I did not regret it. Avoiding old PCs eliminated the lion's share of network problems.
If you still use old PCs as gateways, think about it, perhaps it's worth putting the gateway role on a separate, dedicated solution. To your choice and 5-port variations, and 24-port (with hardware VLAN) and many others, including models with hardware acceleration of encryption. Separate attention, for a small office, deserves MIKROTIK CRS125-24G-1S-2HND-IN , here you have 24 ports and WiFi on a bot, the CPU is capable of pumping up to 50 Mbits with QoS as in this article: Mikrotik: Balancing in the CPSU and compliance with the 3 r3r3529 speed regime. or up to 20 Mbits via VPN with encryption (unfortunately, there is no hardware acceleration of encryption).
Did you use Mikrotik or RoS equipment?
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If used, how did you like the iron?
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If used, how did you like RoS?
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You have a gateway made from PC
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