Roskomnadzor unblocked the IP address pool of Alibaba

Roskomnadzor unblocked the IP address pool of Alibaba Today it's is known. , that Roskomnadzor unblocked ?200 ip-addresses of Alibaba, which were blocked during the agency's battle with Telegram's messenger. "In this case, the ip-addresses of Telegram, which are part of this subnet, are fully installed and blocked," says departments.
Despite the fact that Roskomnadzor started the fight against Telegram on April 16 this year, the majority of users from the Russian Federation continue to use the messenger due to the constant change of ip-addresses. By blocking the subnets of the service, Roskomnadzor is also forced to block access to certain third-party sites. Representatives of the department state , which affected not more than 400 sites and services, but experts believe that the bill goes to thousands.
According to Roskomnadzor, the Google and Amazon subnets are actively used to bypass locks. That is why, according to the agency, the address pools belonging to the services of these and some other companies began to block.
Now there is a reverse process, the efforts of experts are aimed at solving the problem of organizations and their products, which turned out to be "guilty without guilt". Only this week the federal service unblocked six Google subnets that were previously listed as being blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The reason for all the blockages is the Telegram management's refusal to hand over the keys to the decryption of the users' personal messages to the Russian authorities. The injured party filed an application with the court for the recognition of Roscomnadzor's order to be legally incorrect, but on March 20 the petition was rejected by the Supreme Court. After that, in May Telegram appealed to the Appeal Board of the Supreme Court.
Representatives of Telegram insist that the order of the FSB violates the rights of users and contains broad limits of discretion for officials who can accept, in fact, any kind of acceptable hard decision regarding services operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.
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