Announcement of Apache Ignite meetings in Moscow and St. Petersburg in March

Moscow, March 1?

Video recordings of speeches on "Moscow Apache Ignite # 1"
When organizing the second Mitap, we took into account your wishes: the place will be MORE, and Alexey Goncharuk will make a report for the architects.
The program:
19:00 - 19:30 - welcome coffee, gathering guests
1. "What's new in Apache Ignite 2.4" - Artem Shitov, Engineer GridGain.
2. "Scaling Apache Ignite cluster for architects" - Alexey Goncharuk, chief architect of GridGain.
3. "Operating data cache based on Apache Ignite. The practice of constructing and using the solution for an insurance company »- Dmitry Kositsyn, technical director of Unitarius.
on the event page .

St. Petersburg, March 2?

At the first Mitapa in St. Petersburg immediately hardcore for those who are interested in the architecture of Apache Ignite. Let's talk about how to evaluate and plan resources for the system, what processes affect cluster performance, and how to speed up data access. And, of course, we will answer all questions.
The program:
19:00 - 19:30 - welcome coffee, gathering guests
1. "Planning the capacity of an Ignite cluster on live examples" - Alexey Goncharuk, Apache Ignite PMC member, chief architect of GridGain.
2. "Faster bullets: accelerating access to data in Apache Igntie using B-Tree indexes" - Vladimir Ozerov, Apache Ignite PMC member, architect GridGain.
The end: approximately at 22:00.
Location: Space Welcome /Wednesday, Nevsky Prospekt 3? Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor, Sadovaya Line.
Participation is free of charge, registration is required .


And we also had webinars in Russian. We started with a popular series of webinars with live code examples led by Denis Magda, Apache Ignite PMC Chair and product director in GridGain, "The Basics of In-Memory Computing for Architects and Developers".
Part 1 - available video
Part 2 - registration for the webinar 21 March
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