Intel 8086 - the processor that opened the era

The history of the creation of the legend

Today, in 201? we celebrate the fortieth anniversary, perhaps the key one in the history of personal computers of the processor, namely Intel 8086.
Intel 8086 - the processor that opened the era
It was with him that the era of x86 architecture began, laying the foundations for the development of processors for many years and decades ahead, it is to him that we are obliged to take off the popularity of the computer as an individual unit accessible to each user. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the processor, from which the transformation of Intel into a multi-billion dollar corporation began, the company presented a small symbolic gift to its fans - it became the jubilee i7-8086K, the first processor in the history of Intel, capable of running at 5 GHz right out of the box.

But today we will not sing the praises to the engineers of modern processor-leaders, and back in the distant past, in 197? where the story of Intel 8086 began. And it began with a completely different processor.
The author of the article is Alexander Lis.
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