Mini-lifhaki to work with Yandex.Direct

Mini-lifhaki to work with Yandex.Direct I've been working with contextual advertising for a long time. And I also conduct courses for beginners to work with Ya.Direkt. To some of them, everyday tricks seem to be steep "chips". There was an idea to share some of them in this short article. (XXXXXX is the counter number).

Addition of semantics using competitor analysis services

It's about services that "follow" how sites are advertised and ranked. And they provide paid information about the domains of interest: what phrases are advertised their sites, the quality of the assembly of the campaigns, the number of phrases, key words for ranking, etc.
Some of them track 100-120 million requests and up to 30 million domains.
The only thing to remember is that the data that the services give us is not accurate, because all instruments operate with a very limited set of sources and it is impossible in principle to know all the phrases used by competitors. Those. it is about the release images at some points in time. It is not necessary to speak about the completeness of the samples here.
What for it to us: we have an opportunity to receive new not obvious phrases and to finish our advertising campaigns, having increased coverage and having reduced cost of a click.
I hope the article was useful for you. Waiting for comments! Share your experience and lifhakami!
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Dunleigh 29 August 2018 19:59
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Jacelyn 5 September 2018 19:57
I know that I can't tell you but you guys need to see the profile mentioned on It's great to see it and to work with it. It's good to have something like this.

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