My Account is from Megafail

My Account is from Megafail
The process becomes a zombie. You can not kill zombie.
The story of how
The personal cabinet
Megaphone writes off money from the "blocked" card and how their support works.
First, a brief description of the situation:
For some reason, the card tied in
Personal cabinet
, is displayed as "locked". There is no way to do something about it (see the screenshot above).
Auto payment management is not available because "There are no cards tied.".
Auto payment at the same time worked, at least once.
Support is not only not at all ready to somehow solve this problem, but can not even register an application for my appeals!
So, the chronology of events.
SMS comes that I was replaced by a tariff, and the new one is 1.5 times more expensive than the old one. Himself to blame, previously sent a notice and offered to choose yourself, I just forgot. We have to climb in
The personal cabinet
and pick up something adequate to my requests. Switching to another tariff costs some money and after a while it works. Autorepayment:
Exactly, on a new tariff the same amount of a monthly payment, you need to correct it! And here I have a surprise:

Strongly surprised, I go to the section of tethered maps and see that very card-zombie (number, of course, I closed (:):

It's all wonders and miracles: auto payment works, but I can not manage them!
Moreover, I can not untie the map, there are no buttons in the interface!
The card, of course, is not blocked, which is confirmed by successful transactions during the same day and even, yes, yes, a call in support of the bank. Since not so long ago I had expired the card and I changed it, I decided to try just to tie it up again. The result is not very surprising:

Very accessible, aha
At this moment I decide to contact technical support.
The first surprise was that I was met by Virtual Assistant Elena, who was clearly not ready for non-standard issues. So there was only a way out. Then I was greeted again by "Elena", but, fortunately, I was already cheered enough to persuade her to connect with the live operator.
Magic words [/b]
Switch to the operator
What was my surprise when the girl-operator was not more useful than the bot! All that was achieved was "If you have a problem with
Personal Cabinet
, Send a screenshot through the feedback form." Okay, let's say, although such a screenshot obviously does not help in the search for a problem, but at least it will become the starting point for communication with technical support. I send the picture and I get the following response:

It seems to me or is there something missing here? For example,
the number of the application is
or at least some identifier to track the solution to the problem? Nevertheless, I decide to wait a bit, but suddenly the problem will be eliminated.
In the evening nothing has changed, I call again in support. The waiting time of the operator has grown to ~ 25 minutes, it seems that problems can not only be my one! Unfortunately, communication with the operator does not bring anything new, only a promise to register an application. We continue to wait
Another call in support, the waiting time is already ~ 15 minutes, but the result is the same, no attempts to understand the problem from the operator and the promise to fix the appeal. By the way, no previous calls, according to the operator, was not displayed!
Already becoming a tradition morning call in support. Suddenly, this time at least recognize the presence of problems with
Personal cabinet
and, for the second time, they propose to fix the application in order to solve the problem "in priority order". By the way, they also suggested trying to disable Auto Payments via SMS, but, of course, it did not work. This time after the call even an SMS with the confirmation of the application comes:

Yes, the message came just like this
But here again something is missing! Oh yes,
the number of the application is
!! Laughter on the verge of hysterical, curtain!
By the way, the request for the specified code comes the answer that the calls from ??? and ??? are closed!

The technical side of the problem seems quite obvious and trivial: the management of AutoPayments does not work, because there are no "valid" tied cards, but the complete lack of the ability to do something with a tied card, if it is "locked", is already an obvious failure on the part of developers. In fact, as a result, the card remained a hostage to
The personal cabinet
Megaphone. In general, there is an epic feil on the part of developers and QA is obvious.
But the complete failure in the organization of support itself is obvious:
Support, as I understand it according to the operator, does not have a "second line" as such and does not see at least some information about the actual status of the application.
Operators through one do not even try to understand what the problem is. Once, after hearing that the problem with the binding of the card, generally switched to the support line of their bank cards.
In general, the support system is not ready to solve any client problems on
The personal cabinet
and copes only with the role of the reference system.
Well, just a bad organization of the system:
The robot at the beginning of the call spends the client's time, painting the balance and asking if he wants to know the details of the tariff.
To translate into a live operator, you have to formulate some "correct" question
P.S. I apologize if the chosen hub turned out to be off topic, I will be grateful for the hint, where and how to transfer the article.
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