Volvo introduced a self-powered electric truck without the cab

Volvo introduced a self-powered electric truck without the cab  
So far, none of the companies involved in the development and production of autonomous vehicles has submitted a robotic vehicle with a level of autonomy of 4 or 5. In most cases, it is a question of the second level, which corresponds to the majority of autopilots produced by different companies.
Almost all automakers are working on the creation of passenger cars. And only a small fraction develops projects for trucks of the future. One of these companies is Volvo, which recently presented a fully autonomous electric truck. Since his level of autonomy is higher than that of other models, the truck was deprived of the cabin as a relic of the past.
presented company Tesla. Its representatives began to negotiate with the authorities of the State of California about the production of new type of trucks on public roads. The power reserve of such a vehicle is about 200-500 km.
In 2016 an interesting variety of electric tractor was presented by the American company. Nikola Motor Company has developed The world's first truck with hydrogen fuel cells. It is equipped with batteries for 320 kWh, which are charged from the fuel cells. The total power of the two electric motors of the truck is 1000 hp, the torque is 2700 Nm.
The loaded wagon accelerates to 100 km /h in 30 seconds. Raising at 6%, she overcomes almost no reduction in the course.

Well, in 201? his version of the truck on electricity presented company Mercedes. It, like the variant from Volvo, is equipped with an autonomous control system, though not as perfect as the competitor. Truck Mercedes got its own name - Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025.
The control system can cope with driving on roads without a human driver, at a speed of up to 85 km /h. The driver himself turns on the car, and himself drives onto the road. Next, the truck does everything on its own, giving the driver the opportunity to rest. Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 drove an eight-lane highway, along with 20 third-party cars (both cars and trucks) to simulate a real road situation.
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