Unusual trip Kimi

 3r3155. 3r3-31.
Unusual trip Kimi 3r33333. 3r33395.  3r3155. To my great surprise, the organizers from XPRIZE not only warmly received my material, but even sent a small picture of the A3 format as a gift for these works. Although, even in the longlist project this story did not hit. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r3333. Story: An unusual trip Kimi. 3r3334. 3r3335.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - What would you prefer for lunch today? - Kimi heard a soft but unusual voice. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi opened her eyes, stood in front of her, or rather even positioned herself, a strange unit very similar to a human, but it was a robot with its head, arms and torso! 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Well, I'll come to you later,” the robot steward said even softer and rolled the cart further along the aisle of the plane. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Attention, weighting and tactile tuning is performed! - Kimi heard an already female voice from somewhere below below. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. The chair in which Kimi was sitting began to change. It widened a little, deepened in the back area and went up by ten centimeters. On the armrests, where Kimi's hands were lying, small pads, which touched Kimi's wrists, moved forward. On the monitor on the front of the back of another chair, a picture appeared with parameters of pulse, pressure, heartbeat and body temperature Kimi. The readings were a bit overstated, but not critical. Kimi felt a fresh breeze from above. This system of ventilation of the 14C began to supply additional portions of oxygen to the comfort zone of its passenger. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “I wonder if this is a dream or something unusual is happening here?” Thought Kimi, but decided to calm down a bit so as not to attract additional attention of the 14C robot armchair. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi gently touched the screen with her hand in front of her. There appeared a menu with a choice of options - “call the steward”, “ANA information”, “get to know the weather” and several other incomprehensible items, such as “open the panoramic window”, “enter the virtual interface” and “electronic line in the bathroom”. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Choosing to "find out the weather," Kimi gasped softly. The screen showed weather information at the point of arrival (correct, according to this Kimi ticket). But the date of arrival was ???. At this point, Kimi raised her hands to her face, trying to close the escaping scream, but found that she had no wristband on her arm. Instead, just a small strip of slightly darkened skin around the wrist. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. "Suppose it happened (something with time and space), try to understand why this happened and how I will continue to be" - thought Kimi. The engineer is always an engineer, even in fantastic situations. She tried to rise from the chair and look around. But it was not easy, because the chair seemed to envelop Kimi. Thus, Kimi could move relatively freely, but she could not get up. Standing up and leaning on the armrests, she saw a very spacious and bright cabin. Two lanes between the seats were free, and the third traveled, walked with a cart, apparently a robot steward. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Okay, let's start with a simple one,” Kimi thought and clicked on “call the steward” on the screen. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. After a few seconds, there was a quiet rustle, and around Kimi, a robot-steward appeared with his unusual cart. In the proportions and limbs of the robot, Kimi saw something familiar. 3r33395.  3r3155. "Oh! So this is a robo-product as if from the prototypes of our plant! ”Kimi remembered. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Indeed, the manner of movement, mechanics, arms and legs of the robot, his facial expressions were only in development in the adjacent department of Kimi, she saw tests of some samples at test sites and in the workshop laboratory. Now Kimi saw the working model alive, even saw the emblems of her plant on the elbows and knees of the robot! 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “I ask you to choose,” said the robot-steward and handed Kimi the tablet menu and froze in anticipation. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi looked at the tablet and at the cart in front of the robot - there were several columns with closed containers above and below several boxes with drawers. No food smelled or even water or any liquids could be seen on the trolley. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. On the tablet, there was the opportunity to choose several dishes and drinks. Kimi pressed a sandwich with pate, mineral water and a towel. On the trolley, the box in the tank rumbled in from above, and the drawer opened from below, from which the robot-steward deftly pulled out the sandwich bag, put it on the tray, put water on the same tray. At this time, the 14C robo chairs under Kimi shifted slightly back, and a small table came out of it, on which the robot-steward put a tray. He also put a warm and wet towel there. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Bon appetit, - said the robot-steward and drove on. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Okay, let's have a snack and start to understand the situation with a fresh mind!” Thought Kimi, took the sandwich with one hand, and the second pressed the “ANA information” button on the screen. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Do you want to listen to flight safety information or the history of the ANA? - asked robo chair. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Let's start with security,” Kimi replied. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. The image of the plane in the section appeared on the screen. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Your safety is our life,” began a small lecture with pictures on the screen. 3r33395.  3r3155. It turns out that each passenger seat in the cabin is equipped with a robotic universal seat, which also serves as the main rescue element. It is made in the cocoon format, in which each passenger feels most comfortable and comfortable. In case of unforeseen situations, it is enough for the passenger to just be in the seat; further actions on the organization of passenger safety should be performed independently by the robo chair. In the most critical case, the robo chair is transformed into a protective, closed, armored cocoon that can save its passenger even if the aircraft’s structure is completely destroyed. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. In the event that the passenger is outside the seat in the cabin, then the robot-steward is responsible for his safety. Also, the robot steward uses a special food replicator to organize the delivery and delivery of drinks and food to passengers. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - How interesting and wonderful! And now tell, please, about the history of the development of ANA, - asked Kimi. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “The sky is our new Earth,” the lecture with pictures on the screen continued on the history of ANA. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Twenty years ago, when the world began a new fuel crisis, and transport companies rushed to look for new opportunities for their old development models, the ANA changed this order. Began the development and introduction of new types of transport devices - modular airborne units, from which you can assemble both medium-range and long-range aircraft. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. It turns out that ANA, in conjunction with the Tokyo plant for the production of exoskeletons and robotic elements, at which Kimi worked, developed and implemented over two decades such modules for the improvement of aircraft elements: 3r3395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - robot-steward (first implementation 08/08/2019) - a robotic humanoid android with artificial intelligence that can replace on board a steward, mechanic, cleaner, technicians; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Robo-seat (the first implementation of ???) - is responsible for the safety of passengers during landing and descent, is also an individual rescue capsule for the passenger during the entire flight; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - the system of food replicators (first implementation ???) - is responsible for providing passengers with almost any form of food that can be imagined, any dish is generated using food printers and issued to the passenger on his order; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - ion-photon solar batteries (first implementation 10/05/2024) - are responsible for the smooth operation of new aircraft engines at an altitude above five thousand meters, world scientists have discovered a new way to save and generate solar energy, batteries are located on the wings and the upper part of the aircraft body; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - plasma inversionless engines (first implementation 11/06/2028) - responsible for the preservation of the environment with the minimum cost of biofuel, the maximum use of energy from ion-photonic solar cells; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - magnetic captures and launch pads for landing and take-off of aircraft (first introduction ???) - now you do not need to release the landing gear when landing - a smart landing strip will smoothly rotate the aircraft to the ground, and if there are gusts of wind or bad weather, this does not prevent soft landing in no way. The same take-off of the aircraft takes place with the help of the starting magnetic acceleration. Now not only aircraft began to be equipped with smart systems, but also the airports themselves; 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - modularity of all aircraft structures (first implementation 04/08/2035) - now it was possible to prepare and assemble an aircraft of any configuration in one hour from a robotic hangar at the airport - wings with solar panels, engines and a modular building for a different number of seats, at the end of the assembly Robo chairs are installed in the plane, which already know the parameters of their passengers from the registration data and prepare their configuration for them. That is why the robo chair under Kimi began to change - there was no primary data about the passenger. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi sat back in the robo chair. Too much information like cold water spilled on her. She could not even conceive of much of this. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “You need to relax a bit,” Kimi thought, and pressed the “open panoramic window” button. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Although Kimi was sitting on the left near the window of the porthole, she could not even think that this was possible - a frame about a meter per meter,
? was formed on top of her.  3r3155. inside this frame a breathtaking view of the blue sky has opened. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. "Probably at night there is just a magnificent sight opens," thought Kimi. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi imagined herself a bird, as if she were flying next to a plane. The view in the panoramic window was soothing and simple. It was very soothing and relaxing. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Now I have two buttons not explored” - thought Kimi and pressed “enter the virtual interface”. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Small four light bulbs (two for each armrest) were advanced from the armrests of the robo chair and a light sphere a little larger than a basketball was formed in front of them. On the sphere there was an inscription "touch me." 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi felt like Alice in Wonderland. True, there was "drink me" and "eat me." Probably, the developers of this solution were also fans of Lewis Carroll. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi touched the sphere with her index finger. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “There is no information about your data, only guest mode is available, or enter your credentials separately, please,” a voice from the sphere sounded. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Of course not, where can they come from here,” thought Kimi. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. But how the sphere could get the data from Kimi’s finger and check them on its base was not clear. Maybe this interface also scanned the face and retina remotely. It was interesting and Kimi really wanted to know the details. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Activate guest mode,” Kimi asked. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. A green surface appeared on the sphere with the words “guest mode, use hand control”. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi knew and knew how it worked, but she encountered this interface for the first time. Hands could twist the sphere. It could be expanded simply by taking and pushing its boundaries. Inside the sphere were different programs - Internet browsers, gaming and television applications. Kimi really wanted to go to the news department and read information about the current day and what happened in the last twenty years in the world. But she understood that maybe her time was limited here, but it’s better to try to study the real objects and systems of the aircraft as much as possible. Having traversed a simple user who had reached the terminal, Kimi forced her to turn on an inquisitive engineer, squeezed and closed the information sphere, pressed the lower button on the screen “electronic line to the bathroom”. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - At the moment the room is free, you can visit it, please go to the tail end of the plane along track number two or into the front of the plane along track number one, the layout of the passage on the screen, - said the robo chair and started to push Kimi out of it a bit lifting the back of the chair and the lower part so that Kimi could easily get upand go where you want. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “That's why I couldn't get up earlier,” Kimi thought. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi climbed out of the robo chair, the side of the chair 14C turned green. It is very convenient not to look for the number of your seat upon return, but simply go to the green color. 3r33395.  3r3155. After stretching her legs and arms, Kimi decided to go first to the front of the plane along the first long lane. Along the sides and in the middle of the plane there were only four rows of robo-chairs, between them there were three lanes. A part of the robo-chairs was lit in blue on the side, the passengers were sleeping there, some were glowing yellow, there were open panoramic windows, only Kimi's robo-chair and another chair in the tail of the plane were glowing green. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. The cabin was quiet. As if the plane was floating above the ground, and not rushing at great speed at high altitude. The sound of the engines was almost indistinguishable. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi walked a bit forward along the aisle, in some robo chairs mothers sat with children, some passengers worked with the virtual sphere, watched entertainment programs or communicated using video applications. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. At the very beginning of the cabin was a robot steward. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Something to help you? He asked very quietly. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - No, - said Kimi, - I just decided to warm up a little. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Then go to the end of the cabin to the sector with simulators, there are any to choose from, you can use them during the entire flight,” the robot-steward kindly suggested. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. - Thank you, I will definitely go there, - answered Kimi. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. She was still wondering how many discoveries she had already made and what awaited her in the future. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. On the way back, Kimi walked along a different path, passed another robot steward, who, near the robot chair with his mother and two children, tried to make a little clumsy figure toy out of oblong small balloons. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “It will be necessary to take into account that such servicing robots not only have to fulfill their direct duties, but also provide them with the opportunity to show additional opportunities for communication with passengers and self-study,” Kimi noted. 3r33395.  3r3155. She walked past her robo chair, which seemed to even miss her passenger and pulsed a little with light waiting for Kimi to be there. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. At the end of the salon there was a large sector for recreation and various uncomplicated sports workouts. The sanitary room was also not small, as Kimi was used to, but rather large and comfortable. Moreover, these rooms were immediately four in a row to minimize the queues of passengers. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. As previously explained, each plane is “assembled” modularly on the basis of the number of passengers, cargo of baggage and the required distance of flight before departure. And all the modules are also calculated from passenger data and are completed before departure. Rest rooms and other comfort zones are also modularly installed according to the number of passengers. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. It’s very convenient if you bought tickets for the flight and registered forty passengers, and an hour before the departure ten more passengers decided to go on the same flight, then a plane with fifty five robots, five robots-stewards, five lounges, etc. will be prepared in the service hangar .d That is, for a certain number of passengers, one number of aircraft modules is assembled and then scaled when the flight is assembled. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. And the limit on the maximum and minimum number of passengers is now becoming more blurred. This all makes it more flexible and convenient organization of the airline ANA. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi came out of the rest room, in front of the cabin an old elderly woman walked over to her, whom a young girl was holding under her arms. This girl had very familiar eyes. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “I have already seen you somewhere,” Kimi thought. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Sophia, please, I can walk a few meters to this room myself,” a woman’s voice was heard. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Mrs. Pilgrim, it’s not difficult for me to help you, especially since I am doing my job, and you are my client on this flight,” Kimi heard the girl’s answer. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “Well, well, just try not to overwork yourself, because you have such unusual legs, it’s probably difficult and difficult to stand on them,” Mrs. Pilgrim answered very softly, but very gently. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. “I already have a finished version of robo-prostheses that do not cause any inconvenience,” Sofia said. “ANA monitors its employees and they would in no way allow me to work on this flight, if there was even a slight hint of discomfort with these devices. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi understood everything, this girl was already that grown-up girl Sophia, with whom Kimi carried prostheses. But those dentures that were in the baggage compartment of ANA Flight # 008 in 2017 were still a prototype with which the girl would have to learn to walk again, but the external aesthetic appearance was not worked out for them at all. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Now Kimi could not have said that this girl was using robo-prostheses, because outwardly, with an elegant gait, by her smile, it would be impossible to say that there is some kind of mystery here. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi was delighted that Sophia found her calling, and the ANA helped her in this. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. The world outside the ANA Flight # 008 flight between 2017 and 2037 changed, but the most important thing is that it remains a world. Now there is more robotization in it, and people have ceased to be just consumers, they have begun to take more care of the environment, preserve the memory of the past and develop new technologies, improving and introducing the best of them into everyday life and technical areas. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi returned back to the robo chair 14C. I clicked on the screen to find out the weather, she saw that there would be a landing soon, and a thunderstorm front would be nearby. The plane will pass him. Kimi closed her eyes, taking off and lowering her always lulling. And only a small lightning from the past again, twistingly, touched the bottom of flight # 008 already in the area of ​​the 14C robo chair. On the monitor screen of the chair in front, the picture with the parameters of the pulse, pressure, heartbeat and body temperature of Kimi disappeared, as did Kimi from the robo chair 14C of ANA Flight # 008. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. ***
 3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi opened her eyes. The sensor wristband on the arm was a bit warm. The parameters of the container with the equipment were normal. And on the watch bracelet was the time ???. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Anxious passengers of ANA Flight # 008 were sitting next to Kimi. In the cabin was a small din. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. The ship’s captain spoke on the radio that, at about ?500 nautical miles off the west coast of the United States, they were caught in a strange storm cloud that should not be at that height. But now everything is in order and the plane will arrive as it should be at its destination. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Kimi was back in her real world, where the future stewardess ANA Sophia was waiting for her. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33411. 3r33411. 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. → Link to competition site 3r33395.  3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155. Video content of the competition:
 3r3155. 3r33395.  3r3155.
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