Listening to conversations and kidnapping clients

 3r362. 3r3-31. If you work in the service sector (especially on-site), be aware that your conversations may listen to and steal customers. 3r350.  3r362.
3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. The other day my washing machine broke down. I opened one famous site with ads, called the first number. Briefly explained to the person the essence of the problem, he said that he was on the call now and would contact me a little later. After 10 minutes they called me from another number, there was something like this dialogue: 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. (in the background I hear a muffled alert that a conversation is being recorded) 3r350.  3r362. - Good day, what have you got with the machine? 3r350.  3r362. - (here I talked about the problem, asked when they could drive) 3r350.  3r362. - Speak the address 3r350.  3r362. - (I call the district ) 3r350.  3r362. - This is generally where? 3r350.  3r362. - (I begin to explain how to drive) 3r350.  3r362. - What city is this? 3r350.  3r362. - (I call the city) 3r350.  3r362. - It is clear, everything, bye. - (hangs up) 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. I called back the first number, the person is still busy and, accordingly, does not know who called. Then my suspicion crept in 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. I choose the next ad, called, agreed. At the appointed time, the master arrived, he repaired everything. In the end, I tell the master about what happened, to which he told, when he arrived at the call, he caught a couple of times a person who came before him and even tried to quickly run into the porch, get to the client, but dismantling started at the door of the client and another master left . 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. And he told me about another case, how the client called him, said that he had already applied, that he had fixed it there, that he liked everything. But the master was never at this address and having come again did not recognize the situation. 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. I asked if he was using the application to record a conversation. He said that he uses the built-in (pre-installed on the phone Xiaomi). 3r350.  3r362. 3r350.  3r362. Unfortunately, I do not have the time and resources to conduct an investigation. If someone takes, write an article and throw the link in PM.
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