SSD with special effects or something that was missing for modding - HyperX FURY RGB drive overview

 3r33351. 3r3-31. It was impossible not to notice that in recent years more and more devices are equipped with LED backlighting. Even 10-15 years ago, modding the PC was a time consuming task - everything was done with the hands of the grandfather’s tools available on the balcony (in the garage, in the closet - underline). And the highlight was exactly the backlight - most often it was assembled from cold cathode fluorescent lamps. It was impossible to call them compact, because in addition to the hard transparent case inside the system, it was necessary to place the power button and the inverter. But all this is a well-forgotten past that some users recall with warm feelings. Now, finding components with backlighting is not a problem at all. Rather, finding something without backlighting is a difficult task. At first, they began to introduce the backlight into the motherboards, then video cards, chassis, power supplies, RAM and even cable pads from power supplies to components went into action! And now the solid-state drives have arrived. We will talk about the last component from this list today, and the novelty from HyperX - will be the test subject. FURY RGB SSD . 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. SSD with special effects or something that was missing for modding - HyperX FURY RGB drive overview FURY RGB
from HyperX. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. The length of the complete cable to synchronize the backlight is enough to hold it and behind the motherboard into the topmost connector. In addition, the cable is made in such a way as not to take away from you the ability to connect another tape - you can connect another RGB device of a similar type to a special branch. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. If the motherboard is from a budget segment, then only the option of a general backlight setting can be available - the drive will not be defined as a separate device. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r366. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. In the case of Aorus (Gigabyte), the configuration menu looks like this. Again, the drive is seen as a separate RGB device (LED_C2 or LED_C1). 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r375. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. And what will happen if you do not connect an additional cable to the corresponding connector on the motherboard? In this case, the drive will always glow red. When the cable is connected, the previously selected backlight mode will be used again. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3384. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. Well, we figured it out. Now we need to find out how it is arranged outside and inside. On the shelves of stores and to us in the hands of the drive gets packed in a small box, decorated in white and red colors. Its front side shows a drive, an RGB logo, and the memory on which it is based — 3D TLC — is mentioned. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33939. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. Features HyperX FURY RGB SSD :
 3r33351. 3r3162. Interface: [/b] 2.5 ”3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Interface: [/b] SATA Rev. 3.0 (6 Gb /s) - backward compatible with SATA Rev. 2.0 (3 Gb /s) 3r3333337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Capacity: [/b] 240 GB, 480 GB, 960 GB 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Controller: [/b] Marvell 88SS1074
 3r33351. 3r3162. NAND: [/b] 3D TLC
 3r33351. 3r3162. Sequential read /write [/b] 3r33337.  3r33351. 240 GB - 960 GB - up to 550/480 MB /s 3r33333.  3r33351. 3r3162. Energy consumption [/b] 3r33337.  3r33351. 0.2 W in standby mode /0.6 W on average /1.2 W (maximum) reading /2.5 W (maximum) record 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Dimensions: [/b] ??? mm x ??? mm x 9.5 mm
 3r33351. 3r3162. Operating temperature: [/b] 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C
 3r33351. 3r3162. Storage temperature: [/b] -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C
 3r33351. 3r3162. Weight: [/b] 165 g 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Vibration withstand operation: 3r3163. ???G at the peak (7-800 Hz) 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3162. Sustained vibrations in calm mode: 3r3163. 20G at the peak (10 - 2000 Hz) 3r33737.  3r33351. 3r3162. Expected duration of work: [/b] 1 million hours of time between failures
 3r33351. 3r3162. Warranty /support: [/b] Three-year limited warranty with free technical support 3r33337.  3r33351. Number of write cycles (TBW with JEDEC JESD219A workload): 3r33333.  3r33351. 240 GB - 120 TB
 3r33351. 480 GB - 240 TB
 3r33351. 960 GB - 480 TB
 3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. The bundle is somewhat different from the usual for solid-state drives. In the box you can find user manuals (and it will be necessary for those who have not yet encountered the connection of RGB devices to the motherboard) and a couple of leaflets with information about other HyperX products, including backlit options. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33180. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. Also in the box is a license key for Acronis True Image HD, a proprietary sticker and the very unusual accessory — a cable for connecting an SSD to the motherboard to control the backlight. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3189. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. Connects the drive with three cables - power, data and lighting. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r3198. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. The body of the drive is almost completely made of metal. Only the black X-shaped insert is made of plastic. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. It comes into contact with them with the help of a rather thick thermal pad: 3r33333.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. The front side is also uniformly heated, which indicates good heat transfer from the internal elements to the body. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. All major components are soldered on the other side of the board. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. The volume of the model in question (240 GB) is typed with four FH64B08UCT1-60 microcircuits. This is a 64-layer BiCS3 3D TLC memory from Toshiba. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. And a couple of benchmarks, demonstrating the speed of work with blocks of different sizes and with different parameters of the queue depth and flow. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. HyperX FURY RGB
- the drive, created for gamers, modders and enthusiasts, to whom the appearance of their system is not in last place, but rather even at the head. However, to become a modder today, you need only direct hands, desire and useful materials that will tell you something new and useful. And everything else can be found in stores - there is a lot of good for modding now and it is practically not difficult to find suitable components. Returning to the SSD What is most interesting, the reviewed drive can offer not only a beautiful wrapper, but also a delicious candy inside - for games and a set of usual software, it will be enough without any questions. Want to be more productive - these are just NVMe solutions, which will cost more and will not be installed as a decorative element in the case. Neutral body color and bright customizable RGB backlighting are exactly what was missing in cool modding projects or gaming systems, the components of which are visible! 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33333. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33320. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. Autumn promotions, discounts and offers on SSD-drive HyperX Fury RGB :
 3r33351. - Until November 14 in Ulmart - here 3r33340. 3r33337.  3r33351. - Until November 15 OnlineTrade -
here 3r33340. 3r33337.  3r33351. 3r33337.  3r33351. For more information on Kingston products, contact
The company's official website
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