“Dumb phones” is an alternative to digital detox

 3r3146. 3r3-31. For people who realize themselves in the field of technology, the presence of a telephone with Internet access is not a whim, but a necessity. But one way or another, digital detox ideas are becoming more common, which manifest themselves from retreat and Vipassana to practical guidelines on how to improve the quality of 3r-32r. interactions with devices
, using monochrome mode and advice to build “The Phone Stacking Game” in meetings with friends. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. “Dumb phones” is an alternative to digital detox
3r33130.  3r3146. Ofcome, the British communications regulator (Ofcome - a non-profit organization that regulates the communications industry, including the radio /television broadcasting, wireless networks and postal services) reports in its report that 95% 3r33031.  3r3146. 16-24-year-old smartphone owners check their devices every 12 minutes on average. At the same time, 10% of respondents from the same study noted that getting rid of network access would allow them to gain some level of freedom. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. And if by itself a digital detox is difficult to implement without losing, for example, work or loved ones, there is a technological solution that takes into account the recommendations of using the phone for its intended purpose - dumb phones or stupid phones. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r3108. The basic characteristics of "dumb phones" [/b] 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. The technology, which is essentially a piece of “stupid” iron, is an extremely simple phone that eliminates all smartphone features that develop procrastination, and leaves only the functionality of a traditional device. Simply put, the minimum it can only call and write, although some representatives of this type of phone may include advanced features, such as an alarm clock or a card. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r3108. Models "dumb phones" [/b] 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. On the “dumb” device market, models of different price categories are presented: 3r3-33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146.
Alcatel ???G with minimal functionality - $ 20
Nokia 130 with a limited set of applications that can erase your mark on social networks - $ 50 r3r371.  3r3146.
Caterpillar Cat B25 /B30 Push-Button Phones - $ 50 r3r371.  3r3146.
Kyocera DuraXTP E4281 from a series of basic (basic) phones - from $ 70 3r371.  3r3146.
Light Phone, Apple in the line of dumb phones, usability and design of which will cost $ 300- $ 400 r3r371.  3r3146. 3r373. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r376. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. By the way, these are often quite strong phones that will stay with you after falling onto hard surfaces or into water. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r3108. Practical profit "dumb phones" [/b] 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. “Dumb” devices are a tool that allows you to balance the practical profit of using the phone and unconscious consumption of information in search of entertainment. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r395. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. Willpower is one of the most desirable personal qualities, but smartphones reduce your chances of rocking this skill and increase the chance to deviate from the tasks. Regarding social networks, “dumb phones” allow you to concentrate in the world of procrastination (constantly incoming signals from the outside distracting your attention). 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. So, on average, adults spend half their day on media consumption. This does not mean that they are wasting it, but ask yourself the obvious question, do I value my time or do I unconsciously consume media content, postponing the achievement of my goals? 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r3108. “Dumb phones” is not a denial of technological progress [/b] 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. There is no denying that the creation of technology is an inevitable phenomenon and should be taken for granted. The development of technology is also the greatest achievement of the 21st century, which demonstrates the new digital world in its close relationship. But technology itself can be the answer to the redundancy of the information age. For example, the creators of Light Phone are positioning their product as a “second” phone: 3r3-33130.  3r3146. 3r33130.  3r3146. 3r3118. 3r33130.  3r3146.
Light phone is seen as an addition, not a replacement. This is the first and only phone that was created to be your “second phone”, such as, for example, you have different shoes and clothes for different occasions. A carpenter has different tools for each type of work. There is no tool that can fit for absolutely any task, at least not fit for everything well. Then why is a giant phone good for checking emails or flipping Instagram feeds and for taking us to the beach with us? 3r3122. 3r3133.
3r3142. 3r3146. 3r3146.
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