The Ministry of Communications proposed to create alternative social networks and instant messengers

The Ministry of Communications proposed to create alternative social networks and instant messengers Yesterday it became known about the proposal of the deputy r3r383.  3r395. Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin, which he did at the IV Chinese and Russian media forum. The official said that since the Russian and Chinese media are facing unfair competition and restrictions on the dissemination of information, Moscow and Beijing should be prepared to create alternative networks and instant messengers. About this reports RBC.
 3r395. “Russian and Chinese media today, having become influential players on the global media market, inevitably began to face unfair competition, which is expressed, in particular, that the truthfulness of the policy they pursue is questioned or there are direct restrictions on the dissemination of information ", - said Volin.
 3r395. declared r3r386. that in the future it is necessary to abandon attempts to block information in the network. In his opinion, this method of combating the dissemination of information has already shown its own inefficiency. The problem is that people simply bypass protective measures, in some cases without even realizing what technologies they use. In the same China, where Telegram and WhatsApp are blocked, both messengers work fine.
 3r395. “We believe that blocking more and more show its inefficiency, and we believe that it is a passing nature. Sooner or later, they will have to be abandoned, because more and more people bypass them, not even noticing that they are dealing with technologies that allow them to bypass the blocked content, ”RIA Novosti quotes Volin.
 3r395. Volin expressed his opinion about the uselessness of blocking various resources and instant messengers as early as August: “If the one you are blocking has enough intellectual, material and IT resources, then a large player is in a state of blocking to avoid. This is the reality with which to live. ”

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