Half of the cars sold in Norway are electric cars

 3r33939. 3r3-31. Half of the cars sold in Norway are electric cars  3r33939.
 3r33939. Jaguar I-PACE - took the 5th place among all electric vehicles in October 2018.
 3r33939. According to data 3r311. InsideEVs
sales of electric cars in Norway in October 2018 accounted for 55.5% of the market (the 2nd figure for all time). In general, 6466 units were sold (a 20.8% increase compared with October 2017). It is also noted that there is a shift in buyers' preferences from hybrids towards electric vehicles on rechargeable batteries: 3r370.  3r33939.
electric cars with rechargeable batteries: 4496 (growth 69.1%; 38.6% - the share of sales of all cars) + 1094 with secondary registration + 146 vans (131 new and 15 "used") + 4 electric vehicles on fuel cells;
hybrids: 1970 (a fall of 26.8%; 16.9 is the share of sales of all cars).
 3r33939. According to InsideEVs According to official data of this country, as of September 201? there were about 178.5 thousand electric vehicles registered - which is 6.5% of the total number of cars, 2.7 million units. In addition to this - 3% of plug-in hybrids (approximately 80 thousand units). Almost 10% of all cars are electro. For some countries, this is not even a month. For example, among the leaders in total sales, according to data for September, the United States is 3.1% (total registrations are 3r3744. ???-3381. (3r33676. ???r3-3381) million units, and total sales and electricity 3r378. 4?589
- a record number of total sales for the month) and China - 3r380. 5.2%
due to a general decline in car sales in the country, but the total number amounted to 10?900 (also a record number of total sales for the PRC in a month). 3r388. 3r33939. 3r33939.
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