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3r3-31. My brother is a big fan of computer games and everything connected with them. He scans the whole Internet in search of information about the old, rare, first editions of games, the names of which I do not even know (and even calls himself the "Historian of the Games"). He recently came up with a request to write a small viewer for one of the sites. on the internet, busy with this topic. The task was to view information about all games by genre since 195? and for this, the site has quite convenient functionality, but only general information (from the header) and no screenshots are presented in regular lists, so you had to open each page manually and spend a lot time to view and capture the necessary information. here .
P.S. In general, the viewer can be freely used, including with other objects and for other purposes. My brother and I will be happy if the project will be useful to someone other than the two of us. Do not forget only on occasion to put a link to the authors. Thank.
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