Very corporate post: opening in Moscow or why November 10 and 11 are good days for buying electronics

 3r3114. 3r3-31. Today is a small post about a corporate event, which is significant for us and will probably be useful for our Moscow readers, as well as for those who find themselves in the capital on November 10th and 11th. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3-300. For those who have already prepared to brand us for advertising in the comments, let me remind you that in more than two years of existence of this blog, we have not published denim posts. All the ads that we had appeared in the paragraphs labeled as “jeans”, as well as in widgets. [/i] 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. Very corporate post: opening in Moscow or why November 10 and 11 are good days for buying electronics 3r3102. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r33939. How it was? 3r33939. 3r3398.  3r3114. We constantly lacked space in Moscow, which was extremely inconvenient for buyers, periodically there was a turn in the showroom, and those who wanted to listen to another purchase had to wait a long time. Also the problem was the storage of the necessary range. Part of this had to be kept in warehouses, which obviously made it difficult to search and demonstrate specific models. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. Unfortunately, due to the expansion of the regional network and the high demand for the salon on Ordzhonikidze, we constantly postponed the update, but finally decided. So, we decided to make the store bigger and more convenient. Selling space increased by 2 times. The new store occupies 2 floors and is equipped with 3 listening rooms. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. Starting work, we removed everything that was before. It was decided to completely change the design, focusing not on the delights of the interior, but on the goods. After the total removal of all that was before, the showroom looked like this:
 3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r33939. What will happen at the opening? 3r33939. 3r3398.  3r3114. As I have already noted, a new store will open on November 10 and 11. For those who want to buy equipment on this day, there will be a 25% discount on the entire range. Also, as part of the opening of the tenth and eleventh of November, master classes from several well-known brands will be held:
 3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114.
Emotiva & Music Hall (15: 00-16: 00);
Cambridge Audio (15: 00-16: 00)
Marantz & Dynaudio (16: 30-17: 30);
Beyerdynamic (16: 30-17: 30).
3r3398.  3r3114. At the master classes you can chat with representatives of brands and ask questions about their products. For the participants of the opening there will be a buffet table, and in addition, we have prepared small gifts for everyone who will attend the event - headphones. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r33939. The result is
3r3398.  3r3114. We invite our readers to attend the event and see for ourselves what we have done with the new store. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the events and appreciate what you have done. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3-300. Once again, I gently remind you that these days it will be possible to get a 25% discount on the entire range, which can be found in catalog . [/i] 3r31-10. 3r3114. 3r3114.
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